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Teaching and doing a music-song Project is a very helpful tool to teachers since most of the students like music and moreover, songs often contain the elements of repetition, rhyme, and rhythm that facilitate memorization and easy imitation. Besides songs facilitate pronunciation much more easily.

Regarding to this task, I found general and specific techniques for using songs and music in the classroom offered as a menu, but since classroom time is always very limited every minute needs to be used to provide language to observe and study, to offer intensive practice.
On the other hand as Vidal and Ribe’s point out that using ...view middle of the document...

Project description:
• Singing along.- Teacher asks the whole team to sing along together, with or without the lyrics and audio early on, so that when students are more familiar with the song, they can sing a cappella and without lyrics.

• Father-son/ boys-girls.- If a song has both male and female parts, divide your group accordingly. Ask all the boys to sing the father part (for instance) and all the girls to sing the son part.

• Taking turns.- Assign each line of a song to a different student or to different pairs or groups of students. That student would sing only that line. Alternatively, assign each verse to a different student or to a different pair or group of students.

• Pop stars.- Have a karaoke party. Ask students to choose and sign up for specific songs so they can prepare in advance. Students can perform songs individually or in groups, with or without the vocalist.

• Filling blanks.- Create language activities by reproducing song lyrics on a handout. Delete target grammar or vocabulary and replace that text...

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