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Tap Ease Essay

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Case study 1: Problems in the Computer Assembly Division

You are in charge of a five person operation responsible for assembling personal computers for a small computer manufacturing firm located in AL-AIN. As the assembly unit supervisor, your production goals include assembling 80 personal computers per day and ensuring 95 percent of these computers pass the operational inspection of the quality assurance unit. To meet these goals, you coordinate and plan the work of your five subordinates and ensure they have the training and materials needed to get the job done. To maximize efficiency, you have organized the tasks performed by the group members along functional ...view middle of the document...

Partly through your training and coordination skills, the assembly unit has been able to meet all production and quality goals set over the past year. However, given the events of the past few weeks, you are uncertain whether you will be able to meet this quarter's production goals.

Over the past several weeks you have noticed your work group has only been assembling an average of 62 computers per day, and 15 percent of the computers assembled have been returned to the assembly unit for failing to meet quality assurance standards. Afra has privately complained to you that she cannot complete the final assembly of the computers because Ahmad has been doing a very slow and shoddy job assembling the hard drives. When you confront Ahmad with this problem, he states he is having a difficult time getting reliable parts from the supply department. Some of the parts he receives are out of specs, and rather than waiting four hours for supply to bring new parts, he repairs the parts himself before using them in the hard drives. He also states the production problem has more to do with Afra doing very little but talking to Tariq for the first two hours every morning and then working hard for the next six to see if she can make the unit's daily production goal. Ahmad also stated Afra seemed very bored with her job and she may have resorted to this work tactic to make her job more challenging.

You have also noticed Tariq has been coming to work late and Mohamed has been taking longer lunch hours than permitted over the past four weeks. When you confront Tariq and Mohamed about their tardiness, Tariq stated he and Mohamed always...

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