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“Tanti at the Oval” tell us about Aunty Merle first visit to the Queen’s Park Oval to view a cricket match between Trinidad and the Combined Islands. It is a great example of Caribbean lifestyle before and after we gained Independence which shows how cricket assisted in the integration of the Caribbean regions. One must be aware “the game of cricket therefore in a real sense mirrored life in general in West Indian societies.” There were different issues such as the language spoken by Aunty Merle and her nephew, segregation between the small islanders and the big islanders, gender ideology, generation gap, and cricket bringing together all the islands.
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The segregation between the small islanders and the big islanders played a major role in how they viewed each other. Aunty Merle was proud to be from a small island and wanted the Combined Islands to win the game, she was in most ways bitter towards the Trinidadian team .There was competition between the small islands and the large islands, when the game was said to be a draw the larger islands took it as a lost and those that supported the Combined Islands celebrated the match as though they have won. This was the competitive nature of the piece; it played a major role in the thinking of the islanders. I believe this was due to the fact that the larger islands had a major input economically to the Caribbean and the game of Cricket while this was not so for the small islands. It shows where anytime the Combined Islands seemed to be losing Aunty Merle began making excuses that the Umpire was cheating or the game was not being played fair by the next team. As soon as she realised that they were playing well it changed her mood and she was once again happy. She seemed to be an instigator at this event to the small islanders.
The Caribbean region West Indian Cricket team plays a significant role in the integration of the Caribbean islands. “In the region cricket is and has been the single most powerful integrating factor in creating and fashioning a unique Caribbean identity.” Although there was a bit of segregation between them you could still notice at times there was some unity among the spectators at the Oval that day during the game. The game of cricket from inception continues to be a sport which unifies and build strong bonds in people. Cricket as a unifying force has a long history. It is often said that prior to the elevation of former West Indian captain, the West Indies produced great cricketers but the team lacked unity. However the used their charisma to bring together players from all over the region, and eventually produced a great team. Players put aside their differences and channelled their energies on building a strong team and being the dominant force in cricket. It is seen as one of the most integral forces in unifying the Caribbean; it also lays a role as a part of the creative arts and acts as bridge in connecting Caribbean countries. The West Indies cricket team which represents the Caribbean is made up of players from all over the English speaking Caribbean. “The institutional framework on which cricket was built made it easier for it to be used as a force of unity. Cricket is no longer the elitist sport where only the privileged and rich could play”. We can also in the integration of the Caribbean islands that the culture of the islands is rich one example being Caribbean culture at work in food. In the script it shows where Aunty Merle packed a big basket of different foods to carry to the oval. The variety of different dishes shows as a Caribbean people we have an assortment of food in my view which she should be proud...

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