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Taming The West Essay

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David Huckobey

EN 106. . First year writing seminar II
7 September 2010
Taming the West

When I was a kid growing up all the neighborhood kids would play Cowboys and Indians, I remember that no one wanted to be the Indians. . The Indians were always the bad guys, the savages, the barbarians, all the typical stereotypes that were plastered on TV, and in the movies. . I held on to images of scalping, and raids on poor unsuspecting settlers for many years until I started learning more about how and why the western United States was tamed. . I choose to use the word tamed because, it is the best way to describe the plight of the Native Americans that inhabited the west. . ...view middle of the document...

Several significant events that have shaped the nation concerning Native Americans have been white washed and bleached of the truth. . Events such as The Indian Removal Act of 1830, The Seminole Indian wars, and the devastation caused by Small Pox and various other diseases hardly get a paragraph in some history books. . These events portray a dark side of American history and early American national policy towards the Native Americans. . According to the PBS website concerning the time periodtime, the national policy of the time was that Indians did not have any rights afforded under the constitution and that Indian land was subservient to the right of American discovery. . This perspective is documented in several cases that reached the United States Supreme court. . The judgments that were both for and against Native Americans were enforced only at the betterment of the pioneers and the government. . To highlight this fact in 1831, President Andrew Jackson refused to enforce a Supreme Court decision that favored the Cherokee Indians. An additional ugly historical truth that has been obscured under pages of patriotic history was the forcible removal of Indians from southeastern United States and the resulting death march that claimed the lives of over 4000 Cherokee Indians. . The now infamous march has been called the Trail of Tears and is now recognized as a National Historic TrailTears, is a National Historic Trail, and has several state parks located on the historic route.
Another interesting perspective on the accuracy of information presented in modern history textbooks is offered by Professor and Author, James W. LoewenProfessor and Author, James W. Loewen offers another interesting perspective on the accuracy of information presented in modern history textbooks. . He asserts that history...

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