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Talking To The Enemy Essay

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Psych 253 Book Review: Talking to the Enemy

Richard Marion

In his book Talking to the Enemy (2010), Scott Atran uses his experiences in the countries often perceived as the origin of most global terrorist actions against the United States combined with scientific proof from a wide variety of sources to argue for new methods of understanding and stopping terrorism as it exists today. Though many examples and analyses of terrorist acts are examined in the book along with many different explanations for the social and psychological mechanisms that may cause them, one of the central ideas is the power of social bonds to drive people to commit actions that they never would have considered ...view middle of the document...

The more strongly they believed that people were outside of their group, the more strongly they believed in taking hostile actions against them. A preference for both people who share out characteristics as well as group members has been shown in social psychology. Myers, Spencer and Jordan (2009) refer to a number of studies affirming this, including one where simply by knowing men's opinions they were able to predict how well they would like each other (p. 388). Applying this knowledge to Atran's findings and conclusions seems to support them – when others were perceived as being more like them they were less likely support harmful actions against them, and when others were perceived as being unlike them they were much more likely to support harmful actions against them. It doesn't take much extrapolation to see how this could translate directly to attitudes that violent terrorist acts against the 'other' in the United States are a good thing. A notable weakness to the study is that it has a relatively small sample size. Four madrasas were analyzed, three of which had no JI affiliations (associated instead with Nahdlatal Ulama or Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia) and one of which was in fact created in part by the founder of JI (Atran et al, 2008). From these schools the interviews of something more than one hundred students were analyzed. As striking as the findings may be, as conclusions are being drawn in an attempt to explain attitudes across Southeast Asia a sample size of around 25 students per madrasa seems like it might not reflect persistent attitudes across different generations of students or even ones that are held in slightly different geographical locations. While similarities can be drawn between the students willingness to use violence against outsiders and the findings of social psychology that people are less favourable to dissimilar others (Myers, Spencer, Jordan, p. 389), without a more diverse selection to examine it is hard to


say whether the students relative willingness to kill non-Muslims is resultant from their perception of non-Muslims as less like them or if it has been drawn directly from the teachings they have received. It should be noted that another finding of social psychology is that attitudes and behaviour are generally not strongly correlated (Eibach, 2012) and that when taken alone the interviews do not show a direct correlation with violent actions. However, other references that are made both in the book and within Atran's research does lead to a more conclusive link. Ultimately despite the weakness of its small sample size and the fact that it only shows an explicit attitude rather than behaviours that might be resultant from that attitude, the research is persuasive in that it shows a clear link between the degree to which outsiders are seen as being unlike the students and the degree to which they display hostile attitudes towards outsiders. In addition, this has been shown in a way that is highly...

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