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Tale Of Woe Essay

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MGMT 362
February 7, 2012
Week 5- Case Study #2
A Novice Manager’s Tale of Woe
Synopsis: Tricia Monet, a young woman from Missouri gets an assistant director job at a retail store called Personal Reflections in Sioux City, Iowa. Because the corporate policy indicates that store directors do not have say in the hiring process for assistant directors, Heather Munson, the director of this store showed animosity for Tricia upon her arrival. Tricia felt attacked and interrogated anytime she spoke to Heather, and was yelled at by her for trying to neaten up the cluttered store. As only one month passed, Tricia became very frustrated with Heather and considered quitting the job. While on ...view middle of the document...

At one of the store management meetings, she informs her three assistant managers and things start to go sour. The assistant directors are upset about her possible decision and the relationships between all of them begin to break apart. Two of her assistant directors begin to compete for her position behind her back. Because of this there is a break in the communication, as Tricia becomes defensive and feels threatened. The case comes to a conclusion with Tricia wondering where things went wrong and how to go about fixing the downward spiral that has taken place at Personal Reflections.
Finding of Fact #1: The Personal Reflections Company ranks its stores based on sales. The corporation runs contests from time to time, and there are monetary bonuses to be earned for the stores with the highest volume of sales. For these contests, the sales quotas were set so high that it was impossible for the smaller stores to compete with the bigger ones, which had more sales due to their size and location. Although this promoted competition, the larger stores would always win, and the directors and district managers for these stores would receive the incentives. There were no separate contests designed on a smaller scale for the smaller stores to compete for.

MGMT 362
February 7, 2012
Week 5- Case Study #2
Recommendation: It is apparent that the Personal Reflections Corporation is trying to motivate employees and increase sales by goal setting. “The goal-setting process is no easy task, but the effort is not only worthwhile, it is also becoming essential in the current highly competitive global business.”(162) Although the company realizes that goal setting is a motivational tool for its employees that will help, it is making the process unfair. Setting a goal so high that only the bigger stores can achieve it will only work for the big stores, and leaves the smaller stores and their employees left out of the contest and lacking the benefits that come with achieving these goals. “When employees lack the skills and abilities needed to perform at a high level, goal setting doesn’t work.”(173) The smaller stores simply lack the capability to haul in the amount of sales that the bigger stores do. Being in the Marine Corps, I have experienced this reward system with physical fitness. There are goals set in relation to pull-ups, crunches, and run time. Although this reward system is designed with good intention, it lacks equality. There are some people who simply cannot do pull-ups. Making this one of the incentives creates a sense of disillusionment for those who cannot achieve it. The recommendation for Personal Reflections is to create another reward system where the smaller stores can compete for prizes. The sales of stores can be broken down into brackets, and stores in each individual bracket can compete for the prizes. This will create positive competition for the entire corporation, while giving everyone an equal opportunity...

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