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Tale Of Two Coaches, Case Study #3

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Case Study Analysis Paper 3
Grand Canyon University: LDR-600
May 7, 2014

Fiedler's Contingency Model
In order to understand the performance of a leader, the leader needs to be placed in different situations, which can show their ability to lead. “Effective leadership is contingent on matching a leader’s style to the right setting” (Niorthouse, 2013, p. 123). By the use of the contingency theory, the subordinate’s reaction can affect the way the leader will teach and react. This theory gives better understanding of how the leaders interact with the employees, and if they will be effective in specific situations. “Contingency theory matches the leader and the situation, but ...view middle of the document...

1). Coach Knight’s task-oriented leadership made him upset during every game, his only goal was to accomplish the task, and win the game. Coach Knight did not think about building relationships with his team players or getting along with others. “Knight was known to throw players out of practice for not working hard enough…he will threatened to take away scholarships or drop them from the team entirely” (Snook, et al., p. 2).
Coach K goals were different than the goals of coach Knight. Coach K had a high task structure and high position power, he spend time with his team players and tried to get to know them, to understand “where he is coming from, helping him get to where we all need to be as a team” (Snook, et al., p. 3). Coach K is a match for the situation because he shows his leadership and the ability to motivate the players in different situations. Coach K ability to lead is based on task structure, leader-member relationship and position of power, “I don’t want to be a manager or a dictator. I want to be a leader-and leadership is ongoing, adjustable, flexible, and dynamic. As such, leaders have to maintain a certain amount of discretion” (Snook et al., 2005, p. 3). Coach K relationship with his players motivated the players to do their best.
Situational Leadership of Two Coaches
Northouse (2013), suggests that Situational leadership “is composed of both a directive and a supportive dimension, and that each has to be applied appropriately in a given situation” (p. 99). In the case study, coach Knight shows High Directive and Low Supportive behavior, while coach K presents High Directive and High Supportive behavior. The focus of Coach Knight is only on specific goal achievements, he spends little or no time showing supportive behavior to his players. Coach Knight has the ability to get out most of his players, to achieve his goals and...

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