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Global Warming and Global Climate Change are used interchangeably, but can refer to different phenomena. I will try to dispel their differences and argue for why it is important to point out their differences in addition to their similarities.
Global warming refers to the increase in temperature in the Earth’s surface due to the increase usage of greenhouse gases. Global climate change refers to the overall change in Earth’s climate due to the temperature. Climate change and global warming are similar physical phenomena, but one term is exclusive to a causal link of gases and temperature increase.
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This forms a ring, and the age of the tree can be determined by counting the number of these annual growth rings.

Many trees live to be hundreds of years old, and some live for
thousands of years. The oldest trees on Earth are the bristlecone pines,
many of which are found in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in
California's White Mountains. The average age of these trees is 1,000
years, and a few are more than 4,000 years old. In 1964, before there were
environmental laws to protect ancient trees, a particular bristlecone pine
named Prometheus was cut down. After analyzing the tree's rings,
scientists determined that the tree had been 4,862 years old—the oldest
living thing on Earth.
Paleo climatologists can learn more than just the age of a tree by
studying its rings. They can determine what sort of climate conditions
existed during its life by analyzing the thickness of each tree ring. Thick
rings are a sign of favorable climate, abundant rainfall, and good growing
conditions. Thin rings indicate poor growing conditions and lack of rain, as
well as natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and volcanoes.
Samples from trees can be obtained in several different ways. Scientists do
not want to needlessly destroy living trees, so they cut cross sections only
from dead trees, logs, or stumps. These can be found intact on the ground,
buried deep...

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