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Take Off Of Online Marketing: Casting The Next Generation Strategies

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1) Mission and vision- these were ok just some minor adjustments to make. N.B. Your vision must reflect your strategy.

2) OBJECTIVES- needs to be adjusted and include financial objectives and add a time base for them.

3)SWOT- we need to come up with more opportunities. Will list some stuff that I took from the other groups and what Miss said.
~ strengths- only five star hotel on the island
~weaknesses- bad customer service reputation.
Unknown brand name
~Opportunities- Hosting of special events eg. Weddings
Show case tobago's culture and food
Only five star hotel.
~Threats- competition from Caribbean competitors.
Global economic crisis
Terrorism - (affects travelling and makes cost of travelling go up)
Accessibility to Tobago( this can also be an opportunity for the airlift. Talk about bundling flights ...view middle of the document...

Price to be competitive in the Caribbean
~ Social environment change it to seasonality - find out how to fill your hotel in the peek/ lie seasons
~ Regaining good reputation for the nee hotel - talk about growing your brand and brand strength
~ recession / Economic downturn of the global economy
~ Maintenance issues- sea blast etc.
~ Lack of skilled employees - staff being able to speak different languages etc

~Do not include outbound logistics
~Include your restaurant in your value chain
~We don't need R&D in the value chain
~Use IT infrastructure instead of technology
~Include customer service
~Instead of firm infrastructure put general administration
~Include security in your value chain
~Inbound logistics include storing of your materials
~ Under operations instead of ushers use bell boys
~ Include your spa
~ redo our marketing and sales- it should include online booking for reservations, updated info about rooms etc
~ Value chain must include secondary eg Finance and accounts and general administration

~We basically have the gist of this
~ We must include an analysis eg unattractive or attractive
~ Threat of new entrants - low, capital is high, very time consuming and many complex activities eg engineering etc
~bargaining power of buyers- high, many substitute etc
~ Bargaining power of suppliers - high, fluctuations in prices from suppliers will directly affect price
~ substitute products- high, any other accommodation or island
~ Rivalry among existing competitors - competition would be any 3-4 star hotel , coco reef, blue haven , le grande cola ( high end resorts)

Things to note:
~ 90% of revenue from tourism cones from Trinidadians
~We can target the 10% of foreign tourists. We can argue the reason why they didn't come was because there were no five star hotels available.
~ Don't explain concepts like what SWOT stand for.

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