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Take Me Home Essay

2925 words - 12 pages

Jake Cittadino
Professor Coursey
English 1102 C
4 March 2013
Recruiting, Hiring, and Maintaining: Mandatory for Business
Along with many others, a highly mandatory aspect of running any type of business is a workforce. Recruiting, hiring, and maintaining this workforce is a process that requires a plethora of work and time. To be successful in business, all three of the aspects have to be done efficiently and effectively; like a well-oiled machine. If one of the three parts breaks down and is no longer productive, the whole system breaks down. Although the novel The Magicians does not directly involve a business, it does show some aspects of recruiting and hiring skilled labor to go ...view middle of the document...

Contrary to the novel, however, there is much more to these three processes than what to the students and faculty goes through in The Magicians. The processes of recruiting, hiring, and maintaining employees in the business creates many challenges in the beginning but are also crucial components of a business’s profitability.
The first aspect that businesses have to complete before the process of hiring new employees starts is to recruit these potential employees. Recruiting comes in different forms, whether it is done by direct recruiting, or indirect recruiting, both yield similar results for the company. Direct recruiting means that the business actively looks for new talented workers with its own time and resources. The range of direct recruiting includes a wide variety of ways that companies recruit, ranging from very simple ways all the way up to very extensive ways. An example of this is as simple as if a company such as a restaurant sends out one of their current employees to pass out flyers that state who they are and that they have positions open. On the other end of the spectrum, corporations often go on extensive searches to find a specific person for a highly respectable position. An example of this would be if a CEO retired from his company, a search would have to be conducted in order to find a new, qualified CEO who can take his place, which is not very easy to come by. In the middle of the spectrum, between handing out flyers and headhunting for a new CEO, there are more common recruiting that happens at colleges. Georgia Southern offers to its students one of the few logistics programs, so companies who are in need of logistics majors come to this college with their goals set of finding their future employees. All of these examples depict ways that a company can utilize its own resources in order to find the candidates they need in order to grow their business, thus making their company more profitable.
Another way a business finds talented individuals is by way of indirect recruiting. Indirect recruiting is when a company uses an outside source such as a temporary agency to do the recruiting for them. Mary Aichlamyr describes this kind of process in her article “Recruiting and Retaining Warehouse Workers.” She states that most large-scale companies benefit greatly from these temporary agencies because it saves them their time and resources. These temporary agencies perform all the necessary tasks to make sure the candidate is capable of working for the company without wasting the most precious resource of all, time. Since the company is not focusing their own attention on finding new people, their time can be spent on other aspects of keeping their business profitable. Proving that using temporary agencies can be very beneficial Aichlmayr states in her article about a company called Merisel; “Often, the key to good recruiting is the screening process. The temporary agencies conduct behavioral testing and drug screening...

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