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Take A Look Back To Your Life Since Your Childhood, And Write Out Your Experiences About How Hard It Is For Your Parents To Bring You Up

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A 5 years old boy finds himself sheltered by his father when his father carries him on his back in the 2 kilometers road back home in the night and tells him softly "I am ok", despite he fell off because of a pot-hole in the road

An 8 years old son couldn’t feel the brave expectation from his father when he tells him " Lost in a fight, still crying? Next time don't cry after a fight, remember?"

An 8 years old can remember forever a simple spelling lesson he was given by his father after reading his essay "People don't use "and" after a comma, you know?"

A 12 years old son takes many years later to fully understand the lesson his father gave him when he play balls and lost. His father doesn’t mind giving him money to continue playing until he wins in a match. But he ...view middle of the document...

He only knows his father have a tattoo on his hand, but doesn't know it is his birth date. He came to know only when his father leaves him forever. People asked if he know what does the tattoo means, while his mother was drowning in pain.

Simple warmth emotions, lessons came from his father are great influences to him in his life, and in the way he grows up. Most importantly, he can feel how deep is his mother's love has given to him, she lives with both mother and father roles to her children.

Despite telling himself: "I'm a strong man", the boy stills grow up with invisible fears and weaknesses. He fears to see his mother cry before his father's image. He wants to be home desperately after finish studying or a business trip and he have habits to know if important person to him has finished work and come back home yet.

He grows up and proud of himself when inside him is a complicated and colorful world. He has overcome losses to treasure what he has in his hand. He has passed lack to sympathy to people's thinking when they have hardness in their life. He also has complicated and shamed things. But more important is he knows to take lessons from these bad things and will never do what people have done as he saw.

He still has his own feeling, finds important people in his own way, and still believes things will get better soon.

If it came a day, his inner world exploded, what would happen? He will still be a man who can listen and watch, but not talk too much. He will gradually share his world, there will be people believe him and deserve his belief, share everything.

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