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Taiwan General Information Essay

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Demographic issues
Population: 23.1million (end-2009)
Growth Rate:0.213%
Average number of persons
per household: 3.34
GDP: $807.2 billion
GDP Per capita: $35,000
Income distribution
Lowest 20%: 6.36% $282,260
Highest 20%: 40.34% $1,790,418
Unemployment rate:
Taiwan: 5.21% Canada: 8.0%
Labour Force: 11,070,000
Labour Participation rate: 58.07%
Average space: 43.96 pin
87.89% of household living in own house
38.54% of household has no parking lot

Physical Forces
Total: 36,000 km2
Mostly mountains
Three ports and one terminal
Limited natural resource
High damage rate due to typhoon

Climatic Conditions
Subtropical and tropical
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8 Canada: 8.9
Management systems long lags behind companies' stated anti-corruption policies
Contract Law: rely more on customs

Human Rights
Serious problems: corruption by officials, violence and discrimination against women, trafficking in persons, and abuses of foreign workers
Worker Rights
✓ The Right of Association, to organize and Bargain Collectively
✓ Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Labour, Child Labor
✓ Minimum Age for Employment
✓ Acceptable Conditions of Work
Transparency: YES

2010 Average: $1 US= 31.65 TWN
Trend: appreciate

Trade Barriers
ECFA with mainland China
Import: Average nominal tariff rate: 5.85%
Industrial products tariff rate: 4.18%
Agricultural products tariff rate: 13.88%
Anti-dumping duty:13.54%-44.58% on art paper; 204.1% on towel from China; 0-43.46% on footwear
Export: restricted items include garments and textiles, organic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, various animal products, sugarcane, bamboo planting stock, opium products, military items and antiques.

Balance of Payment
Current-account balance:$37,144million-2010
Trade balance $25,144
Goods: exports $275,181
Goods: imports $-250,037
Services balance: $520
Income balance: $13,549
Current transfers balance: -$2,069

Import:crude oil and other mineral products,
electronics, machinery and electrical products,
Xiaoxia Wang & Xiaoye Liu
chemicals, agricultural products.
Partner: Japan: 21%, China mainland:...

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