Tactical And Strategic Marketing Essay

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IntroductionDistinctive competence being the potential cornerstone of a strategy is characterized by three things: The consumers' need for the product or service, the rarity and inimitability of the product or service, and manageability of the product for the company and its employees. Without a need in the market, the product is worthless and a strategy would be of no significance. It is also important that other companies will not easily be able to produce and market the same kind of product or service in the same quality and standard that an operational firm has established. Less or no competition matched with market value equals profit. However, the longevity of the product in the market ...view middle of the document...

No surveys or any kind of rating criteria can show exact figures. Competitive strength assessments anticipate the next tactical move of the company. The goal of doing competitive strength assessments is to be able to determine the company's competitive position in the market. Television shows ratings are more likely evaluated by using the unweighted rating scale.It is easier for online retailers to succeed on the basis of low price if their production cost is lowered. This can be achieved through the order fulfillment process in which the company or the retailer can easily estimate the number of products to be manufactured by the demands listed immediately through orders made online. A perfect example of this would be Central Books' print on-demand approach wherein the publisher produces the books according to the number of orders placed online.While financial objectives are to achieve profitability and other marketing values of the product or service offered, the strategic market objectives assists in establishing the company to a formidable position in the market by building a lasting affinity with the clientele and pursuing a strong foothold, most specially in the International market. The intention is to overtake competition in a largest margin possible. Some good examples of success would be household names, such as: Toyota and Wal-Mart.The organization's treatment of external stakeholders- External stakeholders are treated by the company with good partnership and respect to the stakeholders' standing. The organization provides quality products to their customers to be able to gain respect from them and for the customers to patronize their products. The organization gives their very best to serve their customers properly. The organization also puts into consideration the prices of their products to be affordable to the customers. They also share a good relationship with their suppliers and acquisitions. These external stakeholders are the ones helping the company to expand its assets. The organization also provides what its suppliers needs who helps them to their stability and success to be secured that they will have a customers in the future. There is also a give and take relationship within the organization and its external stakeholders. In this way, they work together as a team in survival of the competitions in the marketing perspective. In addition, will both benefit advancements from one another. The organization treats its external stakeholders as the feedback of their products and services. As a part also of the company's external stakeholders is its competitors which they treat as a challenge for them to improve and to innovate. They treat the marketing competition as a healthy competition. In addition, the government that supports them with all their purposes that coincide with the government's plans for the people around them to benefit. The people around the company and its mining areas were taken into consideration. The...

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