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Table Of Contents Essay

2750 words - 11 pages

Development and Evaluation of Patient-Doctor Integrated System for Sacred Angel Maternity Hospital

A Project Proposal
Presented to the
Faculty of the Information Technology Department
Access Computer College
Lagro, Quezon City

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Subject
Software Engineering


Dela Cruz, Albert R.
Escoto, Christian B.
Mercado, Gretchen D.
Lagutan, Leomar V

March 2010
This thesis entitled
“ Development and Evaluation of
Patient-Doctor Integrated System for
Sacred Angel Maternity Hospital”

has been prepared and submitted by

Dela Cruz, Albert R.
Escoto, Christian B.
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To our beloved parents, who always help and give their full financial support, understanding, and patience to us.
To our fellow students and friends, for being always there giving support in times of troubles, obstacles, and hardships. We will cherish this precious memory.
And we will also remember our dear Alma Matter, for the good education imparted to us and the opportunity to learn and develop to very best that can be.


At last, here we are. I know all of us can hardly contain our apprehensions these past few weeks. Everyone has been busy preparing for this much awaited event. I can also feel the tension in the air I could almost feel the electricity that surrounds us. I know some have mixed emotions that often contradict. Now, we are doing our best and ready to sweat it out like dancing in the moon. For once, we tried to act the way normal adults should: with honor, dignity, and elegance. But now we back with same eagerness thanks for the efforts of the beloved group, sharing their time in doing this system, to my sister and brothers who always did their best in giving understanding, love, and care. For my fellow members, the promise that is really appreciated by the concerned individual member. Unfortunately, I think I have said everything but oops….. I could not forget those that must come first, of course, my beloved parents. This is in loving memory, of my mother Mercedes and my father Johnny Escoto for continuously thanking them for the courage, strength, tenderness, love, and care they had showed. The whispered message they had said knowing they need to depart. I still reminisced my parents view of education “Son, the great of all siblings, promise me you will finish your education no matter what happened just be patient, this is really for your future that you can be proud of no one can steal it from you”. I heard from them when they were still beside me pushing their witty and clever son to finish his education that is why I will never forget those words of love. I know that God watched over us and guided us through path of life as the individuals are taking part.
-Christian B. Escoto
I was amazed even knowing that we faced lots of hardships, encountered the most difficulties, the tiresome situation and condition during the twenty four hours of the day completely doing the thesis requirements. I could not imagine myself from the life I had when the strong typhoon Ondoy caused the loss of our house, properties and everything, and this thesis was the only thing that remained for the defense. But then it was a blessings we are alive. I would share the endeavor, financial support that came from my parents, the courage and understanding to my love one – Mischelle M. Urbien. Above all to HIM whom He fully guided the group in doing this proposed system- thesis. God Bless us.
-Albert R. Dela Cruz

I dedicated this to my family who showed...

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