Ta Orange: A Case Study On The Mobile Phone Market In Thailand

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The Thai Mobile Phone Market had been operating with little or no competition for years. That all changed in April of 2002. Telecom Asia-Orange or TA-Orange, is a joint venture company of CP Group and Telecom Asia and France's Orange SA. The venture that they set out to accomplish is one that will involve risks. Using the information given in the article, TA-Orange faced three significant risks that threatened their objectives. The first risk was the possibility that they under-estimated the competition, the second risk was the possibility of not having enough consistent cash flow and the final risk was using the competitors hardware to accomplish their mission.TA-Oranges' mission was aimed ...view middle of the document...

If Advanced Information Services (AIS) and Total Access Communications (TAC) had heard of TA-Orange's strategy, they may have taken preventative measures to protect their market shares. This could have closed the door on TA-Oranges plan before it was ever implemented. To minimize this risk, TA-Orange went in quickly, a day before the announcement was expected, and put into action its aggressive strategy to accomplish its mission.The second significant risk was the possibility of the company lacking enough cash flow to continue with this campaign. The first phase of their mission was to stun the competition by announcing that they were going to aggressively under-cut the competition by half on all services. TA-Orange accomplished this by cutting the tariff structure on outgoing calls by half. The implementation of this cut-rate structure could have caused TA-Orange to lack the necessary funds available to continue with their mission. To help minimize the risk, they began by selling pre-paid services and getting a large amount of cash up-front. Although this benefited them in the early stages, I see it as only a quick fix that could very well be a detriment to the future success of their mission.The third risk involved in entering the Thai mobile phone market, was using the cellular phones built by their competitors. Not only did TA-Orange utilize the competitors hardware, but they bought them in bulk and sold them at half the competitors price. Had the competitors found out about their plan earlier in the game, this could have easily backfired on TA-Orange and resulted in significant losses. The risk of the competitors changing the hardware and making them useless to TA-Orange did eventually occur. TAC responded to TA-Orange's plan of subsidizing the price of the handsets by linking the service not to a specific handset, but to a chip inside the mobile phone. This made the phone built by TAC and AIS useless to TA-Orange and...

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