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T.V.E.E History 222 Short Paper

718 words - 3 pages

T.V.E.E History 222 Short Paper

John Moss

Professor Gunshore
History 222 African American History Since 1877
January 21, 2012

Topic: Women in the Civil Right Movement
Women played a significance role in the Civil Rights Movement

Viewpoint: Women played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement
“?[Women in the Civil Rights Movement] helps break the gender line that restricted women in civil rights history to background and backstage roles, and places them in front, behind, and in the middle of the Southern movement that re-made America. . . . It is an invaluable resource which helps set history straight.” —1
Four of the six women were born in nineteenth century ...view middle of the document...

The meeting was held at the home of New York’s Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt. When it came time to sit, a perceptible tension filled the room. Who would sit next to a black woman? The Governor’s mother, Sara Roosevelt took Mrs. Bethune by the arm and led her to a seat between herself and her daughter-in-law, Eleanor Roosevelt. This was the start of a long and lasting friendship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune. 6

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