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Systems Sample Paper

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In response for a written description or example on any systems concept of General Systems Theory, this is a research assignment on the concept of Isomorphism including an explanation of a real world application to study translation process in a Norwegian football club by a Faculty of Sports and Health, Hedmark University College, Elverum, Norway.

"General System Theorists strive to find concepts, principles and patterns between differing systems so that they can be readily applied and transferred from one system to another" (Wikipedia). General systems theorists are thankful to the Mathematicians for introducing the concept of Isomorphism, named after the Greek words "Isos" ...view middle of the document...". DiMaggio and Powell (1983) published a paper, "The iron cage revisited" institutional isomorphism and collective rationality in organizational fields" which explains about the three mechanisms of Institutional isomorphism - Coercive, Mimetic and Normative (Powell, 1983).

While researching about institutional isomorphism, numerous articles dealt with isomorphism in actual organization or industry with few exceptions. These include 'Isomorphism and control in a Modular Plant of Automotive Industry', 'Industrial field approach to Isomorphism of Australian Non Profit Organization', 'Isomorphism of National Development Zones Policy in Post - Mao Jiangsu region of China' and an intriguing article discussing 'Change and Isomorphism - Case study of translation process in a Norwegian Sport Club' which we are about to discuss in short (Chien, 2008) (Leiter, June 2012) (Mário Sacomano Neto, Oct/Dec, 2013) (Skille, 2011).
This particular article is chosen for its unique and one of its kind nature. In this article, change in a Norwegian football club is observed first by considering the organization as a mixture of rational, natural and open system, that is competitive isomorphism in short. While secondly, by applying a neo-institutional perspective of translation or institutional isomorphism. With the help of documented analysis, observations and personal interviews, it was found that change in the focal sport club’s policy is based on the interplay between internal discussions -board members, players, coach, other assisting staffs and external influence - politicians, sports committee or council, and people or fans as well. When the focal football club needs to develop a model for development of players, improving the overall performance efficiency of the club, aiming at taking into account both elite orientation and mass...

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