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Systems Planning And Selection Essay

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154 Part II Systems Planning and Selection

d. Jim 'Woo would like to investigate how other online stores are targeting the business furni­ ture market. Identify and evaluate t\OOonline

leases apartments, sells condominiums, a provides housekeeping, basic utilities, cab television, and recreational activities for its re
stores that sell business furniture, Briefly sum­
marize your findings.

idents. The retirement village is locally owne
and managed; however, a residents' advisor board has Significant input when changes
/::5:h. :2.

Hoosier Burger
The Hoosier Burger project ...view middle of the document...

Tobias would like to have a system tha
reordered in a timely fashion, thus creating prob­

automates the areas previously mentioned. Sh
lems with the food preparation. for instance, vanilla ice cream is used to prepare vanilla malts,

would also like to establish a network when
any employee can access information. This ne
an item that accompanies the Hoosier Burger
Special. Last week. Bob did not order enough vanilla ice cream, resulting in a last-minute dash to the grocery store.
Bob and Thelma have expressed their feelings
that a new information system will be beneficial in the areas of inventory management. market­ ing. customer service. and food preparation. Additionally. the project team discussed with Bob and Thelma the possibility of implementing
a point-of-sale system as an alternative design

system must be implemented within si
After an initial analysis, you make the follow ing estimations. You will use these data as part your initial feasibility assessment.

Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year.

~02 ::.: " s: -r:r

a, How was the Hoosier Burger project identi­ fied and selected? What focus will the new system have?
b. Identify the Hoosier Burger project's scope.
c. using the six feasibility factors presented in the chapter. assess [he Hoosier Burger proj­ ect's feasibility.
d. L'sing Figure :3-8as a guide, develop a Project Scope Statement for the Hoosier Burger project

:3. Golden Age Retirement Center
The Golden _-\geRetirement Center is a retire­ ment village designed for adults over age 60 who want to "get away from it all. ,. Golden _-\ge

a. Identify several benefits and costs associat with implementing this new system.
b. Using the feasibility factors identified in tl chapter. assess the new system's feasibility.
c. using Figure -l-10 as a guide, prepare an e,
nomic feasibility analysis worksheet for? Tobias. Lsing a discount rate of 10 perce what is the overall :\P" anel ROP When \ break-even occur?
d. Modify the spreadsheet developed for qt
[ion c to reflect discount rates of 11 ant' percent. What impact will these new t'( have on the economic analysis')
54 Part I Foundations for Syst ms Development

manual systems on which they were n odeled. In an effort to improve its information s stems, PVF

Customers place their orders at the counte and are called when their orders are ready. Th
recently renovated its inforruati n systems, resulting in a company-wide data ase and appli­

orders are written on an order ticket, totaled o the cash ...

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