Systems Analysis And Design

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Case Study 2: Application Architecture
Dwayne D. Jones Sr.
Dr Robert Joseph
Systems Analysis and Design CIS 210
28 May 2012

Architecture used
The type of architecture used in the payroll system is explained as following:
The PAYROLL system should support multiple concurrent user activities. The users from different locations will remain connected to the server via network throughout the day.
The system must be highly scalable. Different modules will be included in the proposed PAYROLL application. The system must have the provisions for new application modules to be incorporated into the system with minimum changes to the existing application parts. Change in ...view middle of the document...

User can able to enter the system by Login the application through valid User name and Password.
Exception Handling
Different exceptions may arise in the system from time to time that need to be handled by the application and may need to be conveyed to the end-user as well. The exceptions may be generated by the system as an interrupt to change the general flow of the program or as errors. The errors may be generated in the User Interface Layer and the Data Layer. Exceptions and Error handling will be the major part of the proposed PAYROLL product.
Salient features
The user himself can define payroll formulas. There is user level security for each Entry interface as well as each Report. Very easy user friendly interfaces for Income Tax module.
Technologies applied
The application is completely Web based and can be run in Linux as well as Windows Platform. (Payroll system, 2006)

The technologies applied for different environment are as follows:
Server End Development Environment
* JDK 5
* Netbeans 6.0 java development tool
* Sun java Glassfish Application Server V2
* Blaze DS 3.0 Libraries
* Spring framework 2.5
* iReport 2.5
* Jasper Report
* Mozilla Firefox 3.5 web browser
* Acrobat Reader 9
* Database – PostgreSQL 8.2 / MySQL 5.1/Oracle
* Linux / Windows operating system
GUI Development Environment
* Adobe Flex Builder 3.0
* Flash 9,10
* Mozilla Firefox 3.5 web browser
* Windows operating system
* Acrobat Reader 9 (Advantages and Disadvantages , 2007)

Client End Requirement
* Mozilla Firefox 3.5 web browser
* Flash 9 / 10
* Windows / linux operating system
* Acrobat Reader 9
Other than Windows and Oracle all are Open Source Environment
Why we use this technology
Most large-size corporations have chosen to use Java because of Java’s stability, in addition, to Sun Microsystems and IBM’s reliable, online technical support and other open source development framework for Java such as Hibernate, spring, Struts and etc. However, needless to say, like most brands in the marketplace, the individual will ultimately decide which programming language, database, and platform will best fulfill the requirements for his/her next web project
Java is simple: Java was designed to be easy to use and is therefore easy to write, compile, debug, and learn than other programming languages.
Java is object-oriented: Java is object-oriented because programming in Java is centered on creating objects, manipulating objects, and making objects work together.
Java is platform-independent: One of the most significant advantages of Java is its ability to move easily from one computer system to another. 
The ability to run the same program on many different systems is crucial to World Wide Web software, and Java succeeds at this by being...

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