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Systems Administration Essay

626 words - 3 pages

26th FEBRUARY, 2016.

Q1. Outline the installation process of the Ubuntu Server Edition?
* By using a pen drive or from a VMware network
* By using a CD-ROM or do a bootable disc and slot it into the device
Q2. Describe the installation process of Ubuntu from a CD or a bootable disc.
* First, download and burn the appropriate ISO file from the Ubuntu web site3.
* Boot the system from the CD-ROM drive.
* At the boot prompt you will be asked to select the language. This is default and it will show up immediately you install the server.
* After, select an installation language. This is what will see you through the installation process.
* Choose the continent and country. This is very important because there are servers all over the world that the Ubuntu or Linux system can go in for ...view middle of the document...

You can use the ipconfig command in the command prompt to find the subnet mask. Subnet mask is used to identify who is on your local network. A gateway is also connected to your router. Domain Server Address (DNS) holds the url of the IP address.
* Next, the installer asks for the system's hostname, domain name and time zone.
* The Ubuntu base system is then installed.

Q3. Give the options available in updating the system?
a. No automatic updates: This requires an administrator to log into the machine and manually install updates.
b. Install security updates automatically: This will install the unattended-upgrades package, which will install security updates without the intervention of an administrator.

Q4: Outline the procedures involved in partitioning a disk?
a. Select the manual option as the partition method.
b. Select the first hard drive, and agree to create a new empty partition table on your device. Repeat this step for each drive you wish to be part of the RAID array.
c. Select the free space option on the first drive then select create a new partition.
d. Next, select the size of the partition. This partition will be the swap partition, and a general rule for swap size is twice that of the RAM. Enter the partition size, then choose primary, then beginning.

Q5. Mention some of the terminal commands and their meaning in Linux.
* clear – This command clears the screen
* less – Allows you to view the contents of a file
* ls - This Command lists the contents of your present working directory.
* pwd - Shows you what your present working directory is.
* cd - Lets you change directories.
* rm - Removes one or more files.
* rmdir - Removes an empty directory.
* mkdir - Makes a directory.
* ps - Provides a list of currently running processes.
* cp – copy a file.
* mv - Move a file.
* find – Used to find a file on the file system
* locate - Find a file on the file system
* man - Displays the manual for most commands
* nano – This is a simple text editor
* sudo – This executes a command as another user
* view – This command starts in read-only mode..

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