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System Integrity And Validation Essay

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System Integrity and Validation - Kudler Fine Foods
Theresa Gibbs
October 29, 2012
Yasin Dadabhoy

System Integrity and Validation - Kudler Fine Foods
Over the past few weeks the team has analyzed Kudler’s information systems, recommended industry-specific software, analyzed its inventory data tables, and internal controls and risks for an audit proposal. After analyzing the necessary components the team recommends that an SAS 94 audit is appropriate for Kudler. To conduct the audit the auditor will use computer assisted audit tools and techniques (CAATTs) or in Kudler’s case computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs). The following brief is an explanation of how CAATs is used ...view middle of the document...

High risk areas, such as gaps in Kudler’s inventory reporting after upgrading the accounting information system, are heavily used. In step two the auditor indentifies that CAATs will provide sufficient, relevant, and useful evidence achieve planned objectives. The importance of this step is to be through as possible so that if another CAAT is added the auditor does not have to ask for more data. Step three the auditor decides what files, records, and fields are needed by meeting with the IT personnel reassuring the client that sensitive information, such as customer credit information will remain secure and confidential. In step four, the auditor will decide what format he or she wants the data to be extracted, such as a CD or sending through the Internet. The auditor will request the data in the preferred format from the client, step five. “Once the auditor has the client data, step six involves importing that data into ACL” (Hunton, 2004, p. 188). The auditor will test the integrity of the data transferred to ensure that the data was not corrupted during the process using ACL commands such as Verify, Count, Stratify, and Total. Step eight the auditor will use CAATs on the assess risks from the planning stage of the audit. In step nine the auditor will investigate and reconcile any exception found during the CAATs process. In the last step the auditor will document the process performed reconciled exceptions and the results in the working papers.
Audit Productivity Software
Audit productivity software is any software helps the auditor‘s productivity such as electronic working papers, groupware, time and billing software, reference library, and documentation. In the past auditors created working papers manually, however, today electronic working papers can automate the process increasing the auditor’s efficiency and is cost effective. “Many e-working papers are compatible with Windows-based data processing and spreadsheet programs” (Hunton, 2004, p. 179),...

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