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System Fail Essay

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System Fail

Scott Goretzke



Gary Smith

System Fail

According to Webster, a failure is classified as “an omission of occurrence or a state of inability to perform a normal or specified function that ultimately leads to a lack of success.” In the light of operating systems, this topic can be extremely important to a customer and designer of said system. Failures in a system can create catastrophic events that are costly in both monetary and emotional aspects. Faults within a system can be different in nature and can continue to wreak havoc on the system or to do nothing in some cases. Failures in distributed and centralized system can ...view middle of the document...

Second in the list of possible failures are byzantine failures. These types of failures can be caused by an array of options that have the effect of data corruption and loss. Many of these types of failures also come in the form of malicious attacks. Interestingly, the biggest development of the computer age, the internet, has become a superhighway for attackers to get in touch with their victims. Stopping these attacks are increasingly difficult due to the fact that the dependency of the population on computers is immense. The ability for hackers to infiltrate corporations is easier since the attackers send massive emails to the users. An unsuspecting user can easily click on a link and give access to the entire system. This type of failure can be applied to a centralized system as well and can be just as detrimental.

The tertiary failure that occurs in a distributed system is an omission failure. These failures correlate directly with the space available on the server to communicate through the routing system. An example of this is when a message is sent or received but the lack of system space causes a discard of these messages without a notice being sent to either the receiver or the sender. These failures are common within security sections of corporations where a hacker can essentially instigate a distributed denial of service by overloading the system with spam. This action clogs up the system and as described before, can cause errors within the system and affect the users. These failures can easily be fixed by sending out test messages and waiting an ample time to get a return from it. Then when isolated can be fixed by adding memory capabilities to the...

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