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System Evaluation Paper

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System Evaluation Paper
July 7, 2014

System Evaluation Paper
Apollo Company has had multiple systems to help the company perform everyday tasks. Only about two years ago the Apollo Company decided to look at how many systems were being used and why the company was using many systems at one time. Customer service had a system; sales had a system, customer support had a system, and finance had a system. These systems did not include systems for human resources and more. In all, the company realized that there were too many systems and wanted to see if there was a way to have fewer systems.
After meeting with several vendors, the Apollo Company made ...view middle of the document...

The data input into Salesforce CRM will
Apollo Company using CRM now would integrate public relations, marketing, sales, customer service, quality control, and support (Rainder, Prince, & Cegielski, 2014). After meeting with several vendors, the Apollo Company made the decision to look into a way to have customer service, sales, customer support, and finance on one system. The process to find the right system took a little over six months but the Apollo Company finally decided to make a change. The old system would be replaced by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that would run through Salesforce. The company hired Salesforce to come in and see the old system. Salesforce immediately explained that there was a way to have all the systems into one and that by using Salesforce this would be possible with a new monitoring system. CRM is data driven, constantly changing and will even connect customer feedback or comments through social media with the new system (Rainder, Prince, & Cegielski, 2014). There will only be a few other systems but for the most part all old systems will run through CRM.
Now when a new client comes to the Apollo Company the client's information will be looked at by every member of the team and not have to be in so many different systems. There are still some restrictions on a clients file because not every team member can see all details, but Salesforce created CRM to have password protect areas and made it so management can even monitor through CRM. With the new change management...

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