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System Analysis, Design And Implementation

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Stephanie Cook
ITM 5400 FALL I 2013
System Analysis, Design and Implementation
Professor Al Marcella

1. Should Top Sail implement a Web-based system? Why or why not?

I do feel that Top Sail should implement a Web-based system in order to be effective in the time-sharing and rental broker business. Most every major company as well as brick and mortar companies are breaking through with Web based systems. Customers look to make everything convenient for them. Purchases and rentals of most all products via the Internet is how most customer are buying now days therefore this is a must for Top Sail. They need a system that will display relevant information pertaining to rentals, availability and ...view middle of the document...

They can develop a system, buy a software package or customize a software package. In Top Sail’s case customizing a software package would probably be the best route to take and in terms of initial investment and with total cost of ownership being a major factor it which would be much less expensive. As stated in the text, vendors will customize the package to suit the needs od Top Sail. Typically, the packages are basic packages in standard versions but allows for add-on components. Top Sail would be able to negotiate directly with vendors to make any necessary enhancements to met their needs and they are allowed to purchase the package and make modifications under the terms of the software license.

3. Do you consider the reservations systems to be a horizontal or a vertical application? Give reasons for your answer.

The reservation systems are vertical application systems. It is for information requirements for a specific type of business, the sailing industry. However, it may use horizontal applications for some of the basic needs including payroll and accounts payable.

4.When you evaluate software packages, what steps will you follow?
Step 1 is to evaluate the Information System requirements and prepare a request for proposal or a request for quotation.
Step 2 Identify potential vendors or outsourcing options.
Step 3 Evaluate the alternatives.
Step 4 Perform cost-benefit analysis.
Step 5 Prepare a recommendation.
Step 6 Implement the solution.


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