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The healthcare industry has experienced a rapid growth in the way technology has advanced in aiming at the enhancement of life expectancy, quality of life and treatment options, as well as the cost effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare system.  Information technology has played an important role in the innovation of healthcare systems.  Despite the rise of new inventions the inventions of healthcare has been limited.  The use of Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is being used increasingly for its efficiency and safety.  In this paper I will analyze how the RFID technology is being used within a hospitals information system (HIS) for a better ...view middle of the document...

 The RFID systems work by placing a unique electronic symbol on items in the form of a sticker or can be embedded with a RFID chips or on people in the form of a bracelet or badge embedded with RFID chips.  Once the patient is tagged than they can be identified, tracked, and managed through the centralized database.  
In the implementation of a RFID system an interview was performed and data was collected from technical staff, hospital administrators, and physicians.   The interview was conducted to collect data based on the experience of the individuals involved with the RFID systems. The SIMOPAC system can be used in every hospital with their existing systems in order to promote patient safety and hospital workflow.  The implementation of an integrated system using RFID technologies agents and web services in order to identify and monitor patients.  The SIMOPAC system aims at delivering ultimate satisfaction in medical decision by increasing the quality of patient.
Many errors in health care relate to lack of availability of important patient information. The use of information technology (IT) and electronic medical records (EMR) holds promise in improving the quality of information transfer and is essential to patient safety (Bates & Gawande, 2003). While the adoption of Information Technology in individual medical institutions is growing rapidly, the ability to operate together is still a major challenge, and reaching agreement over the appropriate approach to a national EHR system has proved difficult. Even though most hospitals store patient electronic medical information, these data cannot be easily shared among all healthcare systems because of its formats. The continuous decrease of costs in RFID technology will soon enforce its use in everyday life.
Also, an RFID-based system (named SIMOPAC) that integrates RFID and multi-agent technologies in health care in order to make patient emergency care as more efficient and risk-free, by providing doctors with as much information about a patient as quickly as possible. The proposed RFID-based system could be used to ensure the positive patient identification (PPI) in a hospital. The SIMOPAC goal is to extend the procedure of patient identification beyond the hospital and country boundaries. Even though the RFID-based system could be considered an open-loop RFID application, functioning across global hospital boundaries. The CIP will allow the identification of...

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