System Analysis And Design

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First of we would like to thank our Almighty God. We would like to thank our instructor Solomon for giving us this chance. It was more helpful to know about the course.

We would to extend our deep gratitude to Ato Endeshaw for his help in offering us the resources in this study.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the company staffs for providing relevant information about the company.


SRS – Software Requirement Specification
GRV- Goods Receiving Voucher

SQL- Structured Query Language

DBMS- Data Base Management System


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After the company organized as new, they hired new general manager, finance manager and store keeper.

Currently Kear Pharmaceuticals involved in importing and distributing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Mostly the company distributes its products for Addis Ababa, Wollega and Jimma. And the nature of the business transaction is, when company import products, the transaction type are cash transaction but after importing the goods, the company used credit sales transaction to distribute the goods. There are 24 employees engaged in different professional and non-professional areas.

Our contact person Ato Endashaw is the manager of the company. As the position title implies, his duties are: Managing, controlling and administrating the overall activities of the organization. Mostly his communication is with the department heads and deputy manager. The deputy manager is the closest advisor and assistant for him.

In this document we tried to discuss about how the current manual system works and we pointed out what the problems are. In the project plan, we listed out the key tasks which are going to be done and assign the group members on each tasks and we have defined the functional and non-functional requirements that the system must perform. Now it’s the time to design the logical model of the requirements. Now In this document we tried to show the Data Flow Diagram and Entity-Relationship Diagram of both systems. It clearly shows how the data flows. Also we tried to show the Data Flow Diagram and Entity-Relationship Diagram of both systems. It clearly shows how the data flows.

1. Organizational Chart


As we identified our project is mainly focused on two departments of the organization. In fact the organization works are semi computerized there are a lot of works are done manually. Which means our project concern will be the following two departments of the organization. These departments are finance department and store controlling department.


2. Current Information System

The Current information system in the two mentioned department in the above is completely manual and it can be change to automated system.

So the company currently used manual inventory system to record good receiving voucher (goods receiving bin card), Store Request, Store Issue, Store Return, Disposal Voucher, Stock Adjustment and Expense Item Consumption manually. To follow up the above mentioned activities, the company uses some automated system like MS Excel 2007 and Peachtree Accounting 2010 which is working stand-alone (separately).

3. Problems

|Brief Statement of Problem or |Brief Statement of impact |Priority (H M L or out|Benefits in the problem were solved (costs |
|Opportunity | |of scope) |avoided, revenue enhanced, customer satisfaction|
| | ...

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