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System Analysis

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1. What are four types of feasibility? Which type focuses on total cost of ownership? Which type is influenced primarily by users?
* Operational feasibility: Operational feasibility means that the proposed system will be used effectively after it has been developed. If the users have difficulty with a new system, it will not produce the expected benefits.
* Technical feasibility: Technical feasibility refers to the technical resources neede to develop, purchase, install, or operate the system.
* Economic feasibility: Economic feasibility means that the projected benefits of the proposed system outweigh the estimated costs usually considered the total cost of ownership ...view middle of the document...

To avoid this along with the scope of the project you need to identify any constraints on the system.
* Perform fact finding: Fact finding involves various techniques depending on what information is needed to investigate.
* Analyze organization charts
* Review documentation
* Observe operations
* Conduct a user survey
* Study usability, cost, benefit and schedule data: Before you can evaluate feasibility the data must be analyzed carefully.

* Evaluate feasibility: Start by reviewing the answers to the questions
* Operational
* Technical
* Economic
* Present recommendations to management: The final task is to prepare a report to management. The format of the preliminary investigation report varies from one company to another.
Obviously, a set of problem-solving talents are essential for analysts. Since the other side may be hiding their intention, the analyst must be tolerant of ambiguity, of false leads. Analysts need to be comfortable with challenge, refinement, and challenge. To go back to linchpin analysis, the boundary conditions give places to challenge and test, reducing ambiguity.
3. Identify and briefly describe five common fact-finding methods.
Specific methods for finding information of the system are termed as fact finding methods. They are as follows:
* Background reading
* Interview
* Questionnaire
* Record View
* Observations
Background reading: Background reading helps the analyst to get an understanding of the organization before meeting the people who work there.It also allows the analyst to prepare for other types of fact finding, for example, by being aware of the business objectives of the organization.
Interview: This method is used to collect the information from groups or individuals. Analyst selects the people who are related with the system for the interview. The information collected is quite accurate and reliable as the interviewer can clear and cross check the doubts there itself. It again has two categories
* Structured: Structured interview is more formal interview where fixed questions are asked and specific information is collected
* Unstructured: Unstructured interview is more or less like a casual conversation where in-depth areas topics are covered and other information apart from the topic may also be obtained.
Questionnaire: It is the technique used to extract information from number of people. This method can be adopted and used only by an skillful analyst. The Questionnaire consists of series of questions framed together in logical manner. This method is very useful for attaining information from people who are concerned with the usage of the system and who are living in different countries.
Record view: The information related to the system is published in the sources like newspapers, magazines, journals, documents etc. This record review helps the analyst to get valuable information about...

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