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Synthesis Essay

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When being ask a question in today’s society, the automatic answer or reaction in order find a solution would be through the use of technology. We as the people have grown dependent on the world of the Internet, the accessibility of our phones and uses of clocks. A thought that we find hard to comprehend is that just about thirty years ago some of these tools did not exist.
How has technology affected our minds and the way we think or even process information? Can we say we have turned our brains into a living computer, or are so dependent on outside answers that we have stopped thinking for ourselves? Now and days we have entered a state of obliviousness on how little knowledge and ...view middle of the document...

The reason this could be is because we allow our information to be fed to us by television, which misjudges it, and the Internet, which blends opinions and facts together so tortuously that it is blended beyond understanding. The information that is being fed to us, we process it, build our thoughts and opinions around with what the other misinformed public claim is fact. Not only being misinformed, but also we are conscious of the lies and incomplete specifics out there, for when the truth is reveled they are unrecognizable.
Author Nicolas Carr in his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” wonders on people’s ability to separate how they think in general and how a computer process input. One of Carr’s complains is that he is not thinking the way he use to think and notices it even more when he is reading. Carr states that he was able to immerse himself into a book or a fairly lengthy article, and spend hours strolling through long stretches of text, which is not the case anymore. He blames this on being able to receive his information off the Internet by doing some quick Google searches and clicking on hyperlinks to get the information he was searching for. Carr mentions, “for me, as for others, the Net is becoming a universal medium, the conduit for most of the information that flows through my eyes and ears and into my mind” (2). Carr mentions Marshall McLuhan, a media theorist who in the 1960 pointed out that media was not just passive channel of information, but supplied the stuff of thought as well as shaping the process of thought. The Internet according to Carr is shaving away his capacity of concentration and contemplation, up to the point where his mind expects to “process the information the way the Internet distributes it” (2). He refers himself as being a scuba diver in a sea of words to now being a guy who is a jet ski zipping along the surface.
Can we say that we have not only handed over our brains, but as well as our bodies to technology? More and more as technology advances we are becoming slaves to others to feed us the information we search, as well as telling us how and when do it. And for that we are paying the price.
Thus, brings me to my next article “The Method of the Medium is in Motion”, where the author Matt Quayle’s mentions he is not undermining what Postman’s book says. Quayle corroborates with Postman in many aspects of what he says has come to be true. However he believes that it is time and important to reevaluate what Postman said. With this begin said Quayle is trying to explain...

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