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Synergy, Coherence, And Consistency In Advertisements And The Vital Role They Play

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Synergy, Coherence, and Consistency in Advertisements and the Vital Role They Play

By: Cameron Dailey (0399141)
Date: February 17, 2012
Course: ADMN 3150
The advertising industry is a difficult market to define, some call it art and some call it a science, either way it comes down to effectively communicating ideas to customers. But how does one persuade potential customers to start buying, and current customers to continue buying a product or service? The answer depends on many things, and can change quickly, especially in today’s market place. Though the world is changing faster than ever, advertising must be able to be broken down to basic parts that are necessary for an ad ...view middle of the document...

Another example can be seen in Stanly Resor’s advertisements; he believed that ads should be a coordinated form of social and strategic innovation. By making his ads consistent with already existing social views he was able to attract customers to his work. But staying consistent is not very easy, especially for organizations that span across many industries and regions.

Synergy is one of those buzz in business that has managed to stick around. In the business environment synergy is basically interaction and/or cooperation of two people, companies, teams, or anything really. Synergy is important in advertising because it represents the idea of aligning the organization with the consumer’s wants and needs. For example David Ogilvy is famous for merging artistic imagery and factual claims in his ad campaigns, he created a synergy of ideas to make totally unique advertisements. Also for any IMC campaign to work affectively there needs to be a certain synergy between the ads in different media. But synergy is not only important across different ad campaigns, it is also necessary between agencies and their clients. “Avoid clients whose ethos is incompatible with yours” (Ogilvy, 1995), this quote from Ogilvy shows how he believed in only working with those whose values were consistent with his own, probably because that is when it is easiest for two groups to work together and form a synergy. And within the agency itself it is important for there to be a synergy, because when there is no synergy the organizations efforts get pushed in different directions instead of towards one common goal. Synergy in an organization can only be accomplished when the entire group is coherent.

Coherency in advertising is important for many of the same reasons that synergy and consistency are. For an organization to be successful the things in says need to be coherent with the things it does, if they are not the brand will be seen as untrustworthy. It is the job of an advertising organization to take a product and all the information about it, and present it in an attractive coherent package. The information about a product is not enough to sell it; a successful advertisement will persuade consumers into buying it by presenting the information about the product in a unique, eye-catching way. When Leo Burnett created his famous Marlboro man character he used socially-grounded ideas to create a...

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