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The Pearl

The movie The Pearl, based on the novel by John Steinbeck, was filled with much symbolism. It was very interesting to watch how one thing could stand for so many different things in the eyes of not only the viewer, but the characters as well.
Throughout the film, I saw that the pearl meant many things. At the beginning, the pearl itself obviously represented wealth and riches to come. It also stood for hope to Kino because the pearl would provide education for his son, a rifle for himself, and shoes for his wife. However, the most important symbol of the pearl was freedom. The pearl would make them rich and hopefully it would help Coyotito in the future because it would free ...view middle of the document...

Juana, however, keeps it all in a way down to earth. She is the one who prefers to keep what she has than to sacrifice it for a dream. In the end, the couple stands that your loved one will always be by your side after everything.
Cayotito was an important character that played an important role in the story. Being the hope of Kino was Cayotito’s symbolism. Unfortunately, Cayotito died and his death was also filled with meaning. The baby was like the innocent person that dies in between the battle of good and evil. Then at the end, it is like Cayotito died for no reason at all because it was just a fight between the greed of the people who wanted the pearl and Kino himself for not giving it up. His innocence was just like the pearl’s because they had no control whatsoever of the greediness and violence of the world. Cayotito’s death was the incident that finally opened Kino’s eyes to reality.
The businessmen stood for greed and evil. For example, the doctor did not attend Cayotito at first, but later when the doctor heard about Kino’s pearl he quickly went to them. The doctor even tricked Kino into believing...

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