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College of Information Systems &
IT/205 Version 12
Management of Information Systems
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Course Description

This course introduces students to the world of information technology. Students will examine the technology concepts included in business systems, networking and project management and explore the systems development life cycle. Specific topics for the course include: hardware components, software applications, operating systems, databases, programming, as well as the security, privacy, and safety issues associated with information technology.


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1.4 Explain how information systems help organizations use synergies, core competencies, and network-based strategies to achieve competitive advantage.
Course Preparation Read the course description and objectives.
Read the instructor’s biography and post your own.
Reading Read Ch. 4 of Essentials of Management Information Systems.
Reading Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Reading.
Participation & Discussion Participate in class discussion. DQ1—10/1
Participate all week 20

Information System Business Problem Dimensions Resource: Week One Electronic Reserve Readings
Consider the following questions and provide substantive responses of at least 150 words per question.

• What are the three dimensions of business problems? Provide examples of each.
• What is the difference between IT and information systems? Describe some functions of information systems. 10/3 50

Week Two: IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software
Details Due Points
Objectives 2.1 Identify the components of IT infrastructure.
2.2 List the major computer hardware, data storage, and input and output technologies used in business.
2.3 Identify the major types of computer software used in business.
Reading Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Reading.
Key Computer Terms Resources: Section 4.1 of Essentials of Management Information Systems and Appendix A
Complete Appendix A 10/11 30
How Computers Work Presentation Resource: Section 4.2 of Essentials of Management Information Systems

For this assignment, you create an overview of computers and software for individuals who have not used computers extensively and want to learn more about them.

Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that provides an overview of how computers are used.

• For assistance with this type of assignment, review these resources.

Compare and contrast different types of computer software required to make computers work.

Include an overview of the purpose of the software with detailed information provided in the speaker notes.

Describe the relationship between different types of software and the type of machine with which they are compatible. 10/13 75
Elements of a computer
Resource: Microsoft® Visio (available on the Personal Student Desktop).

Create a Microsoft® Visio document that identifies the major hardware components of a typical computer. The document needs to clearly identify at least five major components and should utilize several of the common shapes available in Microsoft® Visio. 10/13 25

Week Three: Foundations of Business Intelligence, Decision Making, and Managing Knowledge
Details Due Points
Objectives 3.1 Explain the effect of database tools and technologies on business performance and decision making.
3.2 Explain the role of information policy and data administration in managing organizational data resources.
3.3 Identify the types of...

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