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Syllabus Essay

604 words - 3 pages

OUTLINE – Chapter 3 (Mod 7, 8, 9)


1. Neurons and Neural communication

a. Neurons/neural impulses
b. Neural communication
c. Neurotransmitters

2. Nervous system

a. Structure and function
b. Reflexes vs. Neural networks

3. The Brain

a. Studying the brain
b. Brain regions/function
c. Plasticity
d. Hemispheric differences
• Gazzaniga article/video

• Dendrite - the ‘in-box’

• Cell body - basic cell functions

• Axon - the ‘out-box’ (axon-away);

Myelin Sheath

• Terminal Vesicles

• Synapse

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Sensory Neurons (Afferent)

2. Motor Neurons (Efferent)

3. Interneurons


Mosquito lands on your arm…..



Certain emergency messages ( very fast response

Q: How?

A: Reflexes:

▪ Skip the brain

▪ Info is fed up and down the spinal cord only

1 Fast response

1 Poor motor control

Ex. - Step on something in the middle of the night


Connection between brain and behavior - What does what??????

Early Theory:

What is it?

Problems with Phrenology:



CAT scan


PET scan


|Region |Associated Behavior |
|medulla oblongata |-breathing, heart rate, etc. |
| |-pathway from spinal cord to higher brain |
|pons |-sleep/wake; arousal |
| | |
|reticular formation | |
|cerebellum |-coordination, movement, balance |
|« little brain » | |
| | |
|thalamus, hypothalamus |-switchboards for the brain |
|limbic system: | |
|amygdala |-emotion ...

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