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Swott Analysis Plan Phase Ii Business 475

795 words - 4 pages

Part II: SWOTT Analysis

Conceptualizing a Business
Pat Wade
Week Three Individual Assignment
November 30, 2011
Professor Chadwick

This paper will cover the SWOT analysis for Pat's Baked Goods. In addition this paper will cover instructions for conducting a SWOT analysis and how to simplify a strategic plan. Strategic planning sounds harder than one may imagine but in hindsight the process is fairly easy and productive. One can learn the SWAT process by using the SWOT matrix tool. The matrix is an effective way one can achieve the desired goals. The first step is to know what a strategic plan is and how ...view middle of the document...

Step two is a list of what the future opportunities desired. The future opportunities will consist of future strengths desired and threats that may occur. Step Three is the plan of action the company wants to achieve. The action plan will address all the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and potential threats. For instance, weaknesses need to be determined and corrected, the strengths will need to be continued to be built upon. Opportunities will need to be accessed and optimized, and threats be minimized.
Below is a chart for Pat's Baked Goods. The chart is an example of demonstrates the way one should look at their business. The SWOT module is a good way for management to see exactly what to change, and what areas the company is doing well in. Pat’s bakery will be able to see where to focus on by improving the weaknesses and addressing the threats. In addition the Strengths will be assessed and continued to be improved. The most important aspect of the SWOT analysis is that by using this tool Pat’s Baked Goods can stand behind their vision, values, and mission statement.
• Strengths:
 Product distinction
• Company family operated store (no franchise)  
• High traffic locations to draw customers in
• Motivated and loyal employees, safe and inviting work environment  
• Product is one of kind recipes
• Product is in high demand (coffee and baked goods)
• Strong community foundation
• Weaknesses:

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