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Swott Analysis

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tt Analysis

Environmental Analysis of the Green Shop

SWOTT Analysis
In business, SWOTT analysis that reflects company’s strength, weakness, opportunities, threats and trends also have great significance in accomplishing the objectives (Wheelan & Hunger, 2004). With the proper understanding of SWOTT analysis, organization will assess both the environmental factors i.e. internal and external that endlessly facilitate in attaining the pre-set objectives.
External Forces & Trend Consideration
In the ‘External Forces Analysis’ organic and natural health food shops the major forces included are the legal & regulatory ...view middle of the document...

It is essential or the firm to develop effective marketing and attractive strategy to retain the customers for long term (Kotler, 2002).
Social factors
The social factors affect this business is the preference of consumers for certified organic food products, which would not harmful for the health of consumers (Wheelan & Hunger, 2004). Due to the fast pace of life, there is no time to cook food, so the consumers prefers organic and canned food full of nutrition and vitamins resources (Bradford & Duncan, 2000).
Internal Forces and Trends Considerations
The internal forces of the company are the strategies, resources and process and systems, which are made by the company itself; by its Management and can be modified any time by the company itself according to the changing conditions of the business environment (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005).
Business strategy of a company includes its business policies and procedures. The strategies of the company are required essentially to be effective (Ryall & Craig, 2003). Business strategy is the base of the corporation. The well determined business strategy can render great success to the company (Stahl & Grigsby, 1997).

Resources are the base of the entire business process of a company. All types of resources have equal importance for the company. The proper availability and allocation of the resources can help the company to have a cost effective and efficient business process (Brown, 2009).
Processes & Systems
The processes & systems of the company are very important to be handled much carefully. These affect the entire business process of the company. The firm can use effective technologies and business practices to improve its business process (Chary, 2006).

|Factors |Strength |Weakness |Opportunity |Threat |Trend |
|External Factors | | | | | |
|Legal and Regulatory |This external force would|Strict legal and |Attract large number of |Frequent alterations in |It becomes more |
| |improve the potentiality |regulatory rules of the |customers because now the|the legal/ regulatory |hard-and-fast in the near |
| |of the company’s strategy|government |users would be more awake|frameworks or rules. |future. |
| |formulation & | |and Increasing demand for| | |
| |implementation with the | |products | | |
| ...

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