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Jeremy White
Kaplan University
Dr. Sjuib
May 17, 2012

Executive Summary:
Apple Inc, is an American multinational organization which deals in manufacturing, designing and marketing computers, computer software and different consumer electronics. The company has been listed in NASDAQ exchange under ‘AAPL’ ticker symbol. The company is headed by Mr. Bill Campbell. The present CEO of Apple Inc. is Mr. Steve Jobs, who has a strong focus on innovation.
The company works strongly on innovation and technology, so as to have a competitive edge in the market, with a strong focus on innovation, the company is able to makes differentiated products which makes Apple Inc. one of the most ...view middle of the document...

in personal computer segment are Dell, Compaq, Toshiba and Sony. Many companies are coming up with innovative digital music players or consumer electronics who are giving tough competition to Apple Inc, main being Sony, creative, iriver, nokia, sony etc. Apple Inc. owns 10.6% of market share of personal computer segment in the US market. Dell has 23.1% market share whereas HP has 24.3% market share. Acer and Toshiba are placed at fifth place in the personal computer segment.
Financial performance:
Presently, the shares of the company are traded at $320.29 as on 14th December’ 2010. The company has been able to increase the value of its share prices in last six years. The financial health has also improved in last few years. the company’s 52 week high share price is 299.0 and lowest has been 185.55.
The revenues of the firm has increased by 74.56% in last two years and an increase of 135.6% in net income of the company. In last three years the company has improved its financial performance and has been able to get placed in top 500 fortune company of the world.

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SWOT Analysis:
* Strong management: Apple is a brand known to the world, with its strong management capabilities, the firm has been successful in making its place globally. The company has formulated the strategies which revolve around commitment, innovation, focus and technology. Thus the company’s strong management capabilities is one of the strength of the company
* Innovation: Apple being a technological company is focused on innovation.
* Brand recognition and image: Apple’ logo is recognized worldwide. With its strong brand image and innovation it perceives strong value
* Diversity in the product range: Apple has successfully diversified its product portfolio from PC’s to music system to iphones. Wide range of differentiated products are available in the market.
* Strong control over supply chain: The supply chain of the company works on strict disciplinary chain. As company believes that ready availability of the products to consumers is one of the most important aspects for success. Thus, the company pursues strong supply chain so as to have fast and ready availability of its products in the market.
* Strong and loyal customers: The company focuses on building loyalty of customers. Through differentiated products, innovation and style the company builds loyal customers. The company focuses on gives added value to its customers to build a strong base. The company also associates different athletes with its brand so as to build a connection with its customers.
* Strong Innovation: Innovation is one of the building blocks of the company on which the company moves. The company innovates in designing its products through different technologies.
* Strong Financial Position: The Company has been successful in attaining a place in Forbes 500 magazine in America as well as globally. The company follows strict...

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