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Swot Cheese Cake Factory Essay

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The Cheese Cake Factory SWOT
Business 100
October 28, 2013

As a full upscale restaurant that serve fresh gourmet food. I believe some of the strengths of the Cheesecake Factory are the variety. Its 30+ page menu provides something for all to enjoy.

My family and friends enjoy the fresh ingredients along with the Portion size of the foods, desserts even down to the appetizer that alone is well worth the cost.

The Cheesecake Factories I been to are located in or adjacent to upscale malls, with casual dining which I love because this always allow me and my family to do some much needed shopping after we have dinner which allow us to walk off all the calories we just ate.

The Cheesecake Factories restaurant has an awesome full scale bakery which is the first thing you smell as soon as you walk in the door.

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We normally wait but there have been a few times when we have left because we are starving.

Another weakness is the small waiting area is also one of the main traffic areas for everyone buying cheesecake at the counter, going to and from the bar, and food dishes going from the kitchen to the tables.

It's crowded and it doesn’t help that large crowds make me claustrophobic not to mention someone is always touching or brushing up again you or you’re constantly being asked to move out of the way.

We like to go window shop and because the pagers don’t working at long ranges outside the restaurant this limits how far we can go, fear that we would be gone to long and loss our table and have to wait even longer.

When we go it’s usually on a Weekend and the noise level is horrible most of the times you can’t even hear yourselves think or let alone talk. This would definitely not be a good place to bring a date for the first time, if you are trying to get to know them.

The Cheesecake Factory can utilize its strengths to be more competitive by possibly introducing more kid-friendly dishes.

They could offer smaller portions all day versus just at lunch to appeal to those who don’t want the larger portions at night.

They can minimize their weakness by possibly taking reservations and by extending hours of operation, and maybe even adding a smaller sister restaurant in the same area no more than 15-20 minutes apart.

Adding a smaller sister restaurant in the same area would help move the over flow from the neighboring areas to that restaurant alleviating the customer overflow.

I have been to at least 7 different cities and locations and even thought the noise level gets to be a bit much and the wait time can be up to 1-2 hours.

The quality of the food is consistent and the price is reasonable therefore my family and friends will continue to dine at The Cheesecake Factory because we are all foodies and love having good food and great company.

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