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Swot Analysis : The Basic Analysis Tool Though History

1632 words - 7 pages

Strategy Paper

Students: Babouris Christos & Dennis M Vrbanjac
Date: 05/09/2014
Instructor: Marie Bengtsson
Course: Classic Leadership and Organization Dilemmas

SWOT ANALYSIS: The basic strategic tool through history (?)

It is generally known that in order to be competitive in a market, one must be able to see the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that lay the fundament of success in the organization. This analysis, is one of today’s perhaps most frequently used tools when analysing a company’s possibilities to be successful in the modern market situation. Moreover, the question is; where does this tool derive from? Is SWOT analysis a natural instinct of ...view middle of the document...

They saw strengths and opportunities, in terms of the good part of having a bigger number in their heard, and possible gains if they attack another ape heard. Weaknesses in terms of being outnumbered and submitted by a stronger enemy. Both of these examples show their strengths and weaknesses, but also their opportunities and threats in planning. Each one has to adjust in order to “win” and prosper and if they do not, they lose the authority over their followers.
There are continuous examples of traces linking the principals of SWOT. Throughout history, Greeks; Themistocles and Odysseus, as well as more modern strategists as Jiminy, Napoleon, Che Guevara, Lenin and Hitler used tactics that could be linked to an early version of SWOT in order to win battles (Freedman (2013)). Moreover we could wonder, how was it possible for these people, who most of them had never studied economics or even studied anything about war techniques, to apply such methods? The answer to this question is rather simple, and that is; because they were most likely strategic and planning geniuses. Their success derived from several positive leadership characteristics. Freedman (2013) stresses the importance of mastering trickery, cunningness and cleverness, and in the examples mentioned above, there is a strong possibility that these characteristics were used to achieve great strategic goals. It is evident that we are not talking about scholars, we are talking about commanders that lead their subordinates effectively. The innovation that they introduced is the art of engaging a war on the map and not purely on the field. The possible success of the actions of these leaders was accountable on judgement, careful calculation and planning.
It would be easier though, if one could get a closer view on how those brains worked and through that analyse it more thoroughly. To illustrate this and get a closer look we will make a SWOT ANALYSIS according to their strategy. The leading example illustrating this notion would be Mao Zedong, a great Chinese military and political profile, who founded the Chinese Communist Party and rebelled against the elites of the country, fought for the peasants’ independence from the elite pressure.

Mao Zedong SWOT analysis
Opportunities * Extensive use of new warfare methods like Guerrilla * Highly increased rates of new allies (army force) | Threats * Death of Mao * Japanese and Kuomintang early involvement * The elites could take back the upper hand by using political and economic pressure towards the general crowd * Stronger armies | Internal Factors |
Strengths * The mass on his side (peasant and labour classes * Collaboration with those forces * Great knowledge of the terrain-field * Mobile warfare * Flexibility | Weaknesses * Not military trained * Not disciplined * Limits * Dependence on human willingness to fight | External factors |

Freedman (2013) discusses Mao Zedong out of a strategic...

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