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Swot Analysis For Westjet Airlines Limited

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Organizational History
West Jet is a young company started in 1996 by a small group of entrepreneurs. According to the References for Business website for WestJet the WestJet founder Clive Beddoe was born in England and came to Canada and made a “fortune in developing commercial real estate in the Calgary area (References for Business website 2010)”. Clive Beddoe teamed up with Tim Morgan, Don Bell and Mark Hill to start a now frills airline according to the References of Business website. The WestJet Annual Information Report 2009 says WestJet started with three planes flying to five Canadian cities; Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. WestJet’s IPO was in 1999 on the ...view middle of the document...

WestJet employees are called WestJetters and the company makes an effort to keep employees happy. A study by both “Waterstone Human Capital Ltd. and Canadian Business, WestJet stood out as having the most admired Canadian corporate culture, noted for its "entrepreneurial spirit," "delivering what they promise," and its "winning attitude."(Canadian Business online October 10, 2005)”. WestJet
An organizational culture is very hard to define and almost impossible to recreate. WestJet has been able to keep their employees union free by giving them a great working environment. This great working environment is why WestJet was listed in 2009 as a Progressive Employers of Canada. Progressive Employers of Canada is an organization which list companies which are “mom-friendly”. The good will and great reputation is something that has been build into the company since the beginning. The corporate culture gives WestJet a distinctive competence. Cheerful employees are not mandated by the company. Cheerful employees are created by the management giving employees what they want, a fun workplace.
Second Organizational Strength
WestJet strives to give the best service in the industry. In combination with the corporate culture WestJet researches guest expectations and provides exceptional service with a cross departmental team called “Guest Experience Management Team”. This team promotes communication with all parts of the organization to ensure a consistent and excellent guest experience from the first contact with WestJet. Some of the research has given WestJet some great products and services such as “above average on-time operational performance (WestJet Annual Information Report 2009)”.
Since this type of service is so deeply connected to a unique corporate culture it might be very hard to reproduce. WestJet allows some of the front line employees to have “some authority to make decisions about waiving fees and rescheduling people on its flights (Canadian Business Online October 9, 2006)”. This strategy is not unique to WestJet but with the combined corporate culture and the employees as part owners it would difficult to reproduce in another company and be successful.
Organizational Weakness
First Organizational Weakness
Odd as it may sound a possible organizational weakness could be the fast amount of growth of the company. It may be hard to recruit new quality employees. The amount of employees the company hires is astounding. According to because WestJet is on the “Best Employer” list its hiring practices so many people apply so the recruiters are interviewing a great number of people. For example “400 new flight attendants in a six-week period-which was about double the number of cabin crew that the airline typically took on every year. With just one in six pre-screened applicants making it to an interview and just half of those ultimately being hired, that meant nearly 2500 candidates...

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