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Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis on Myself in terms of Leadership Aspect

1.0 Introduction

Swot analysis is a method of analysing our internal capabilities which are our strengths and weaknesses as well as external traits that involves with opportunities and threats. The external aspects will be analysed based on the PEST criteria which are politics, environmental, social and technology. While for the internal aspects, personal characteristics and attributes that a person has will be analysed. Further from the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, personal development action plan will ...view middle of the document...

By having engineering knowledge, I have become more oriented person. With the thoughts of an engineer, I become a person who always thinks to solve a matter or in short called as a problem solver. My educational background gave me positive traits and that has become my strengths until now.

As a mother, a wife and a worker, I always make sure that I balanced work-life perspective. Balancing work-life perspective is important for me to be a good mother, wife and worker. My parents have always gives me a good example in balancing work and life that makes me most likely to follow their ways. In addition, I’m currently pursuing my MBA and this has made me to always think positive to make sure everything is under my control. I always trust that the Almighty won’t give anything that is beyond our capabilities and everything that happened will not burden you if you are always think positive. This has made me always think positive and trust that I can do my very best and achieve what I want. With the motivation I have from my trust to the Almighty, had gave me more strength.

With the support from my family, I have become an optimistic person. In order to achieve my goal of having my own manufacturing company, I trust that the steps that I have gone through will help me to achieve it. With the high commitment I have now for myself, my family and also to my career, I am sure that everything will be according to the plan. Besides, by doing work with honesty also give me the strength that to do multitask. Leaders with inspirational motivation foster strong team spirit as a means for leading team members towards achieving desired goals (Antonakis, Avolio, & Sivasurbramaniam, 2003)

3.0 Weaknesses

This is the internal negatives traits that can control by the person and which can work to improve. Weaknesses are inevitable when it dealing in a competitive environment. Weaknesses in an organization can be defined as “the drawbacks that hinder an organization in executing strategies in pursuit of its mission” (Kinicki & Williams, 2009 p.180).

In analysing the weaknesses, the criteria involved are gaps in capabilities, lack of competitive strength, disadvantages of a proposition and also effects on core activities and distraction.

I notice that I have lack of confident talking in different language specifically in English. This is one of my weaknesses that I realized. It is important for me to improve my confidence level when talking in English since my working requirement needs me to be able to convey messages and presentation in English. As a marketing manager, good communication skill is very important and I need to be able to convince my customer of our product benefits.

Besides that, I am a type of person who can easily distracted with something else when doing a job such as people walking, sound of television and etc. This is identified to be one of my weaknesses because the distraction will make me to delay my work....

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