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Swot Essay

747 words - 3 pages

My Mentor, My BOSS
Mae A. Morales
ENGL-12 Composition
(Week 2 Assignment)
March 17, 2014
Professor Joki
DeVry University

A profile of June Cabiltes Jr., a Sergeant Major of the Army (SGM), my mentor and my Boss. SGM Cabiltes is a 47 year old young man, married with one beautiful teenager daughter. He joined the Military when he was 18 years old as a Private. After 28 long years in the service, he finally got promoted last year with the highest ranking you can ever get from the Army as an Enlisted Soldier.
In the civilian world, we call him Mr. Cabiltes, he is the Health Services Branch Chief in our section. Mr. Cabiltes as a boss is a blessing for employees. He might not be a perfect one but he carries the characteristics of a good boss such as good leader, good communicator, responsible and he always keep in his consideration every detail that may affect the credibility and productivity of our department. He considers everyone in the team as one ...view middle of the document...

He asked me to go inside his office and asked me a lot of questions, I told him my stories(but I did not tell him that I am using the gym in the morning for shower before I go to my part time job).
Mr. Cabiltes asked me if I want to join the Army Reserves and I said yes with no doubt at all. He accepted me in their Unit as a Supply Sergeant. He guided me all along the way. He trusted me to look over the whole Battalion supplies during their deployment in IRAQ. And when he came back from deployment, he helped me bring my kids from Philippines to the United States and my got better and better with all his help.
After my deployment from IRAQ on 2009-2010, Mr. Cabiltes hired me as a civilian in Human Resources. He always tells me to be humble, to be honest, to be respectful and to be helpful to those who are in need. He shows me how to handle my family, my finances, my emotions and my career path. I took in everything he says and I apply them all to change and to improve my life.

Mr. Cabiltes is a kind of person with a good heart, I never heard him complaining at work instead, he helps everyone to get the work done in a timely manner. He always make sure his team are being treated in the right way and always making sure that we all get paid at the right time.
Mentors are very important people in the lives of everybody. They help a person make it in life by successfully achieving his dreams. They give encouraging words and for this reason make a person come up with solutions whenever in difficult situations. A mentor can help a person achieve his career even though there may be several challenges blocking the way. We should always acknowledge the helps rendered to us by our mentors either directly or indirectly.
Many people make it in life through the help they get from their mentors like me. Mr. Cabiltes pushed me to do great things both in and out of his presence. He opened many doors for me. I’ve never had a real job before, but even so, he and his family took me in to the firm. I’m positive what I want to do with my career path from this moment on and I couldn’t be sure without your help. I will always listen to him and honor him.

I am really thankful to GOD almighty for using Mr. Cabiltes as a blessing for me and for my family.

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