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In recent years, people have seen the different transitions that students take as they are growing up and going to school. Young adolescents’ are introduced to many different things in life as they are moving along to obtain a better future and become successful. The young adolescents’ are challenged by the moods of others and their own mood. Emotions are a trial all on their own especially for the young adolescents’ in the middle grade years. A Longitudinal investigation was given to 78 fifth grade students using the Piers Harris Self-Concept Scale. Data was collected from the investigation and it was found that young adolescents’ experience more positive changes than negative ...view middle of the document...

The change of life involves transitioning in a way where they begin to identify themselves differently than what they thought before. The change is reflected by six different self-concepts that they step into for their self-identity. The first concept that the students were engaged in was Global self-concept. Global self-concept generates the mind of contextual changes which is the beginning of the start of puberty and the self-analysis, according to research that was taken and from information given within the article.
Following is the domain-specific, self-concept, which concentrates on only or in depth on one of many areas such as all academic or social emotional perception. The domain was very crucial in leading to the success of the students on what they wanted. Academic self-concept is where the student can choose on his/her own to make something of one’s self academically. Doing the work will lead to good grades, or skipping the work will in return hurt the academics. In the article it mentioned that the students whose work declined because a goal wasn’t set of wanting to learn, rather the students were only striving for good grades. Learning and just doing the work have different outcomes. A student could do the work correctly by being determined to just get it done which in return what has been seen; the teacher will take the work and only mark it as being done but not being done correctly. Learning takes the power of understanding more into depth because the information is being soaked in the brain intentionally. The material is probably of interest and the students want to learn more at their own will.
Social-self-concept keeps the students involved in school socially. This concept revolves more around being known and knowing people. It involves the students to hold relations with peers and teachers within their area. The social status of the concept could have a negative or positive outcome because it could involve social learning involvement in social distraction of the school work.
The next concept that was included in the article has thought to be in my perspective one of the most important. The concept is the emotional-self-concept, which ties together all the other concepts because if a student isn’t emotionally stable they won’t be able to progress into knowing or learning anything else.
The article discussed that anxiety hassle and depression are what is centered. Emotional distress can cause...

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