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Sweet Revenge Essay

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Sweet Revenge
The book, Wuthering Heights, was written by Emily Bronte. It takes place in the early 1800s in Yorkshire, England. There is a man named Lockwood who lives in house owned by another man named Heathcliff. Lockwood wants to know more about Heathcliff so he asks the maid to tell him about Heathcliff. The maid, Nelly, begins a long story starting with Heathcliff’s childhood. A man named Mr. Earnshaw had one son, Hindley, and one daughter, Catherine. One day Mr. Earnshaw took a trip to Liverpool. He came back with a young boy, Heathcliff. Although Hindley did not like him, the daughter Catherine approved of him. Catherine and Heathcliff spent every day playing with each ...view middle of the document...

A few years later, Catherine and Nelly go hunting and they come across Heathcliff and Hareton. Catherine then visits Wuthering Heights and begins to fall in love with a dying Linton. They start sending letters back and forth, but Heathcliff demanded it stop. Later, Heathcliff holds Nelly and Catherine prisoner in his house until Catherine and Linton get married. Shortly after they are married, Edgar dies and soon after Linton dies. Heathcliff then made Catherine live with him. After Nelly is done telling the story, Lockwood moved away to London. Months later, Lockwood visits Nelly and learns that Catherine and Hareton planned to be married and that Heathcliff has died. Heathcliff’s obsession with revenge destroys those around him. His revenge destroyed the person he loves, his children, and himself.
Heathcliff was so obsessed with revenge that he destroyed the relationship he had with the person he loves. Heathcliff grew up with a girl who lived in the same house. Her name was Catherine. They spent every day playing with each other. As they got older, they soon began to have feelings for each other. The author even says that they grew up to love each other. Catherine then became more like a lady and married a man named Edgar. Heathcliff was angry so he left the house and came back and married a woman named Isabella. This was Heathcliff’s revenge on the woman he loved, Catherine. A servant stated, “‘She’s gone, she’s gone! Yon’ Heathcliff’s run off with her!’” (131). This proves that Heathcliff wanted revenge on Catherine. He was mad that Catherine got married, so he got Isabella to elope with him. He knew this would anger Catherine and her family. Catherine married a gentleman instead of a dirty farm boy because she wanted to be higher up in the social standard. Heathcliff married Isabelle just to get back at Catherine for marrying Edgar. Heathcliff destroyed his relationship with the woman he loved because of his obsession with revenge.
Heathcliff was so obsessed with revenge that he destroyed the relationship he had with his children. Most of the things that Heathcliff did was to make Catherine mad. Catherine was the woman who he loved, and he could not have her. When Catherine got married, he got married to seek his revenge on her. Heathcliff was always trying to one up Catherine in order to make her mad. The next step in Catherine’s life was to have children of her own. This angered Heathcliff, so he wanted to have children as well. The only reason he wanted to have children was because Catherine had a child. Heathcliff did not show any compassion or love to any of children because he did not care about them. He demonstrates his hatred for his son...

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