Swedish Vs Canadian Culture Essay

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Culture is not static, rather changeable or dynamic, depending on times, people influences etcetera, I would agree with Edward Burnett Tylor that traditions and/or customs are a part of the culture, not necessarily what should be defining the culture (Sir Edward Burnett Tylor, 2004) therefore it would perhaps more correct to look at the countries unique customs.
In this essay I shall analyze what is considered to be the Swedish culture as clearer defined under Identifying and Explaining my Roots culture and get more in depth of the differences or even possible similarities of each nation, Sweden and Canada. I shall also try to show as to why internationally Swedes is ...view middle of the document...

As a Canadian born into a multicultural family, mother Swedish and father Canadian it is vital to disclose that my mother is also bi-cultural, part Swedish, part Caribbean. For me it has mainly affected the food customs with all different ethnical heritages, nevertheless, food is a major part of, which may in fact be considered culture and tradition, with that said, my mother who was born in Sweden, raised there with predominately Swedish customs and values it is reasonable to assume that I would be considered to be a Swede, at least by an outsiders view. Although this may be predominant, I have also had a Canadian father by my side. Ironically, also he has a bi/multicultural background with parents from Germany and Holland. His heritage is not unlike many other Canadians. It is thereby well founded to say that culture is changeable, adaptable. I would say that the Swedish culture has centuries of traditions and also they have depicted my values and ways.
As outlined above my background clearly shows that I have a lot of factors to take into consideration trying to outline my own culture. By far my nationality by definition is Canadian, however, my language has been predominantly Swedish due to living there. My race or ethnical background foretells that there is more to me than what one would consider (stereotype) a swede by means of not being blond.

Reflection on my practice on my culture

I do not practice religion, rather born into a denomination. I was, however, Christened in the Norwegian seamen’s church in Toronto. The seamen’s church is a fascinating as there are over 30 churches globally (Norwegian Seamen Churches in the World, u.d.) the majority of Swedish belong to the Lutheran protestant church (Lutheran church in Sweden, u.d.). The churches are more so a way of meeting other Scandinavian fellow men rather than practicing a religion as the Sweden is secular.
The Scandinavians are seafarers as we know through the history of the Vikings, but also this profession carried on, hence the need for their churches. Of course the settlements of the new world, the Americas also meant that a lot of Swedish people emigrated in the 1850 due to the poverty in Sweden. A fact is that there are 67,240 swedes in Canada (Swedish Population in Ontario, 2006) even though we clearly are a minority, we have still managed to influence you Torontonians, mostly through the Scandinavian sense of style, fashion and design, but even with our food and small coffee shops. On the following link you can explore some of the Scandinavian culture and shops around Toronto: http://www.blogto.com/city/2012/08/a_scandinavian_guide_to_toronto/
Our traditional holidays stem from Christian traditions, but also Viking pagan. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day etc., however Halloween is gradually becoming a part of a culture. Originating from Ireland, Swedes view this as an American thing and Swedes generally follow/look upon the US as “thing to be”.

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