Sustainable Tourism In Canada Essay

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Sustainable Tourism in Canada


1. Canadian Tourism Industry……………………………………………………..1
1.1 Canadian tourism industry introduction…………………………………...1
1.2 Canadian tourism industry structure……………………………………….1

2. Sustainable Tourism Strategy…………………………………………………...2
2.1 What is sustainable tourism policy? ..............................................................2
2.2 Reasons of the establishment of sustainable tourism policy……………….2

3. Stakeholders……………………………………………………………………...3
3.1 Federal, provincial and territorial tourism organizations………………...3
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1. Canadian Tourism Industry

1.1 Canadian tourism industry introduction

Canadian tourism industry as a dynamic and increasing sector plays more and more important role in the integrated Canadian economy.
Over the last five years the Canadian tourism sector outperformed the overall Canadian economy. In fact tourism industry in Canada represents 2% of Canada's overall GDP, making tourism a significant economic sector in Canada with a GDP equivalent to agriculture, fishing, forestry and hunting combined. Based on the statistics provided by the Statistics Canada, in 2010, the tourism sector creates $29,675 million GDP and increased considerably 7% to the previous year as the result of the contribution of 2010 Winter Olympic Games which as a worldwide influential sports event attracts millions of tourists choose Canada as their travel destination. In 2010, the number of inbound international traveler reached about 24 billion with same day traveler and overnight traveler of 8 billion and 16 billion respectively.
Tourism industry not only directly contributes to the national GDP, but also helps generating revenues for other various industries. Tourism typically takes part of approximately 95% of airplane passengers, 92% of train passengers, 90% of vehicle rentals, 24% of recreation and entertainment revenue, and 20% of food and beverage sales. These industries are more or less affect or even depend on the tourism industry, thus, the success of the Canadian tourism industry is vital and critical for the overall Canadian economy.
With the prosperity of the tourism industry, it gradually becomes the backbone force of the Canadian economy. Every single individual should realize the importance of the tourism industry and the federal, provincial, and territorial government should pay more attention to the tourism sector and establish favorable policies to support, promote, and more importantly create a world famous tourism product.

2. Canadian tourism industry structure

In Canada, the federal government, the ten provincial governments and three territorial governments, as well as municipalities, all have a role in supporting tourism. Coordination between the federal and provincial/territorial levels of government is facilitated by a Council of Tourism Ministers.  
Within the federal government, the Minister of Industry has the lead responsibility for tourism, as part of a mandate to foster a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace, an innovative economy, a competitive industry and sustainable communities. In addition, the Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism) has the more specific responsibility to promote tourism and small business development. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), a Crown corporation whose mission is to harness Canada's collective voice to grow tourism export revenues, is responsible for tourism marketing and research. It has international offices in the United States,...

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