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Sustainable Human Populations Essay

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Sustainable Human Populations The earth has not reached the sustainable carrying capacity yet. If you define overpopulation as the density of people that live in an area then no the earth isn't over populated. When the earth reaches the carrying capacity then no one will be able to live in comfort. There would be a major food shortage everywhere; there would be no money, no wealth people anymore, anarchy, and so on. To my knowledge this is not happening everywhere in some spots there are some problems, but there will always be problems no matter how many people are on earth.There are still wealthy people in the world, the food in the developed countries is ample, and there are still good jobs available for the educated. In Netherlands they are still a thriving country, and they have 1,031 people per square mile. Hong Kong still has a booming ...view middle of the document...

To deal with all of these problems that we create we have to go to school to get a higher education, so we can understand these problems, then fix them.Some people look at it in a different way. They say that the population is too big, and that we have to do something about it right now. They are bringing up the fact that there are starving people in the third world countries. Well, the starvation is not from overpopulation it is from a back government and a bad economy. If there is an argument against the fact that the earth is not over populated is that, if we keep on our present course then yes we will reach our population limit.The economic implications are that when we do reach our unsustainable population capacity that the economy will decline rapidly and no one will have jobs. There will be anarchy, mass people grouped together trying to survive, and no one will be safe. So we must use the economy that we have now to figure out what the sustainable population capacity is, and use that information to limit the population when the time come. We also need to keep helping out the less financial secure people now too bust our economy. Which will in turn sustain the population economy because the more wealthy and educated people do not reproduce as much.The political issues will be the same for us. The government is already doing everything right. They are keeping a watch on the natural resources to make sure that we do not run out of them, helping out the people that are not financially secure. If the government keeps doing this then we will have nothing to worry about.As you can see by the information that you have just heard that the world is not overpopulated. Some people just worry about the fact that the world has such a high population level that we have reached out population level, but that is not true it is just that the world can hold a lot of people.Foot note 1: Paul Ehrlich & Anne Ehrlich. "The Population Explosion"

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