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Sustainable Development In Banff National Park

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Geography 2144 G
Instructor: Dr Abednego Aryee
Student Name: Steven Davison
Student Number: 250 365 904

A Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development and in Banff National Park

1. As a new Chief Executive Officer of Banff National Park, prepare and submit a comprehensive plan for a sustainable tourism development and management in the park that will help to balance (reconcile) the conflicting goals of economic growth, social well being and environmental protection. Explore how the various actors can collaborate to ensure the development and maintenance of a sense of place, product market match, activity clustering, efficient transportation linkages, partnership and environmental ...view middle of the document...

The opinions of all of these groups must be considered in order to balance the goals of profitability, preservation, social well-being, and tourist enjoyment. In order to achieve these goals BNP has taken an ecosystem based management approach (Parks Canada 2008) in which “decisions are made based on an understanding of the whole ecosystem rather than individual species or communities. Management decisions are based on current ecological information gained from science and traditional knowledge” (Parks Canada 2008). This approach attempts to balance the preservation of the ecosystem while keeping the park enjoyable for tourists.
Citizens of Banff hold a unique position within Banff National Park. As citizens they are there everyday and can help to both personally contribute to sustainability as well as promote sustainability to the tourists that pass through the town everyday. Although the town is limited in its growth by the federal government (Parks Canada 2008) its citizens are an important part of the sustainability efforts.
Making sure that all parties that hold a stake in BNP are involved in the decision making helps to provide many unique perspectives and a better understanding of what is expected of BNP as it moves forward. Making sure that all of these parties have a voice also helps to make sure that they feel as if they can contribute and encourages them to be more directly involved in the sustainability efforts.
Measurement and Follow up Efforts
In order to know what kind of support there is for certain potential policy changes Banff National Park has recently conducted surveys of this nature. One such survey called the Banff-Bow Valley Study (BBVS) produced over 500 policy recommendations for BNP (Ritchie 2002). As can be viewed in Table 1 (Ritchie 2002) there is a very significant amount of support for limitations on development in both the park and the town of Banff. Also, as can be seen in Tables 2 and 3 (Ritchie 2002), there is significant support for restricting accommodations, booking, and new commercials leases while implementing trail quotas and fines. Using the information about possible support for policy changes provided here is important because “ignoring the views of the Canadian population may have serious implications for the sustainability of tourism” (Ritchie 2002).
It is clearly important to know what kind of support you have for potential policy changes in the future, but it is equally important to find out if these changes are having the desired effect. Banff National Park must work together with outside groups to observe and test the effects that changes are having on both the business and the ecosystem of BNP. Initiatives like the ShrubWatch Program, run by “Citizen Scientists” which monitors the re-growth of trees and shrubs (Parks Canada 2008), and “Park Listens,” an internet based survey of visitors (Parks Canada 2008), must be a priority if BNP is to know what policies are working...

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