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Sustainable Communication Essay

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Véronique Ferrouillat – Sustainable Communication - 2010

Introduction 1. To whom communicate? 2. Why? 3. How? – A – Communicating on SD Communication toolbox per audience – B – Communicating sustainably

Véronique Ferrouillat - Sustainable communication – December- 2010

What is sustainable development?

Its definition of sustainable development "development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"
Extract from the report for the United Nations called ‘Our Common Future’. During the the Brundtland Commission. 1987

Véronique Ferrouillat - Sustainable communication – ...view middle of the document...

Opportunity creation 2. Risk avoidance

Véronique Ferrouillat - Sustainable communication – December- 2010

2 – Why communicate?

Why communicate sustainably? Challenges and strategies of « ecocommunication »
Eco-communication enables companies to: - Limit the impacts of communication ac tivities - Reconcile speech and actions - Eco-design communication activities, - Implement open communication with stakeholders - Build team spririt on a meaningful project - Lower communication costs

Véronique Ferrouillat - Sustainable communication – December- 2010

2 – Pourquoi éco-communiquer?

Benefits of sustainable communication:
For communication professionnals:

Build up customer loyalty & gain new customers by:
Knowing how to respond to environmental focus in briefs Proposing environmental solutions in calls for tender Positioning themselves as consultants

Value results
Véronique Ferrouillat - Sustainable communication – December- 2010


Véronique Ferrouillat – EMLV – Communication et Marketing Durable - 2010

3 – How communicate?

Communicating on SD: toolbox
FIRM & ORGANIZATION LEVEL (F&O) • Environmental reports • EHS reports • Social reports • Sustainability reports • CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility • Company Codes • Manuals of Conduct • Audits • Supplier evaluation systems


PRODUCT-RELATED (P-R) • Eco-labels • Environmental claims • Environmental product declarations • Product Environmental Performance Indicators • Product Profiles • Eco-efficiency analysis • Product Information Schemes • GPP guidelines


Advertising, Information brochures & campaigns, websites
Véronique Ferrouillat - Sustainable communication – December- 2010

3 – How communicate?

Environmental Product Information Schemes (EPIS) - Reference norms
14020 ISO norms
Type-I ISO 14024 (1999) Environmental claims and Type-II declarations ISO 14021 (1999) Type-III ISO 14025 (2006)
Environmental labels (e.g. EU-Flower, Blue Engel, White Swan) Self-declared nvironmental claims Environmental declarations (e.g. EPD®, Eco-leaf)
Véronique Ferrouillat - Sustainable communication – December- 2010

3 – How communicate?

ISO-type I ecolabels
Indicate the overall environmental preferability of a product within a particular product category • Qualitative, concise information – Allows consumers to take quick purchase decisions • Main features/characteristics: – Voluntary instrument – Multiple criteria – Life cycle approach – Third-party independent verification
Véronique Ferrouillat - Sustainable communication – December- 2010

3 – How communicate?

ISO-type II environmental claims
“self-declared environmental claims made by manufacturers, importers, distributors,...

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