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Sustainability Strategies, Practices And Opinions In The Food Industry

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The top multinational food ingredient and food product manufacturers all have strategic goals and operational procedures in place to work for more sustainable food production, but many challenges exist. Specialty food ingredients manufacturing requires tools and solutions to improve resource efficiency along the whole of the food value chain.

In June 2014, Canadean's food industry panel research found that 98 industry executives rated general performance parameters such as 'increase market share', 'improve customer satisfaction', and 'grow profit levels', as the most important objectives to be achieved over the next three years. However it is clearly that at the very top of the ...view middle of the document...

Many of the multinationals are directly into the support programs of local farming communities in terms of supplying goods, consulting on issues such as seeds selections, crop rotations, fertilization and cultivation, the collection and handling of crops, and even microloans opportunities. The farming communities supported typically grow commodity crops such as coffee, cocoa, oil palms, fruits, or vegetables. These programs are typically in collaborations with ingredient manufacturers, NGOs, or other interest organizations.

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Key Findings
- UK Consumers believe themselves sustainable conscious

- Younger and Older Generation Feel this most important

- Consumers rate packaging, waste and energy top factors

- Food Industry executives think organic ingredients and reusable packaging is of lesser significance for objectives and strategies

- Reducing water pollution and carbon emission levels are most important issues to Food Industry

- Food industry executives recognize the importance of reducing pollution and maintaining a happy workforce

- Food industry executives confirm that being transparent to customers is more important for them compared to five years ago

- Most companies successfully initiated necessary steps to reduce carbon footprint levels and reduced the amount of packaging

- Many organizations are actively engaged in reducing levels of water used in production

- Some are trying to source more and more natural ingredients locally

- Biodiversity, farmers' partnerships and micro-financing top agenda on raw material side.

- By-Products, Biofuel and Process water key topics for ingredient industry.

Sustainability in the food industry is a major strategic issue for all stakeholders involved in the food supply chain, from agriculture, ingredient manufacturing, product manufacturing, packing, and distribution, to the consumers. The food industry has environmental obligations to preserve biodiversity, reduce water, and reduce waste and emission gasses, as well as caring for livelihood in terms of health and wealth local societies. In addition, the global food industry is faced with increasing pressure regarding raw materials, ingredient sourcing, and food production to feed the growing population, in an environment of constant optimization and supply chain control. To feed the current global population's daily needs requires the annual production of nutrients to deliver 360 million...

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