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Suspense In The Red Room Essay

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How is suspense created in the red room???
The short story we read, is a Gothic horror story which was written by H.G wells in 1894.The plot of the story was about a young man goes to a haunted castle and spends the night in a haunted room he had been warned by 3 custodians. But he does not listen and he stays the night there on his own with only candles. The plot set the genre and built up the tension. The story is a Gothic type genre because it has been set in a castle which has been abandoned for 18 mouths. And the mystery takes the place over just only one night with shadows and candles also a fire. Which shows that it is a very dark building which adds fear to the reader with all the evilness behind the story?
The Victorians were fascinated by the spiritual story's in the late 19th century and were determined to prove that some sort of afterlife existence. So Gothic stories were quite popular at this time. This was a popular story for woman ...view middle of the document...

A Victorian reader would have put the connection of the man with the whirred arm to be God punishing him; the appearance of the man allows tension to also build up which makes the reader think more and more. Furthermore the three custodians are almost inhuman in the appearances given also where they live in a haunted castle whichs takes me to my fourth quotation “ the sound of sticks... the door creaked on the hinges “. This gives the castle a more frightening effect by reading this part of the story it is meant to bring up suspense to make the reader think that there is something in the castle. H.G Wells uses personification “A monstrous shadow of him crouched upon the wall “. This again shows tension because you start to think if this shadow is going to do anything, like attack the man?
The next stage of the story is where the man is on his way to the actual red room and how much the suspense and tension is built up. Suspense and tension are built up by using quotations in which the first quotation is “along the passage way... spiral staircase... long corridor...up the steps “. This quotation helps the reader image what the man is about to do, this is a horror story so it does bring a lot of imagery pictures to your mind. He also uses personification to create a picture in your head “a shadow came sweeping up after me “. This is like saying the shadow is following him “when they can’t because a shadow can’t move apart from when me does. But H.G Wells make the reader think that this shadow is about to devour this man’s flesh, Once again using tension as he walks toward the Red Room. The Red Room has also had a name in the past to support my evidence “The great Red Room of Lorraine castle where the young duke had died “ this tells the reader that death has previously happened in this room before. So this is great for the tension building as he walks up to this freighting room.
When the man enters the red room the tension and suspense immediately builds up when he opens the door to the Red Room. His confidence was so high before when he was walking down the hallway but soon after his confidence level fell rapidly to bring up tension.

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