Survival Rate Of New Era University Graduate School Students

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The goal of the students in the graduate studies is to acquire a unique experience, to develop more professionally, to sharpen a variety of skills, and to learn some new ones.

Graduate education represents mastery of an academic discipline. As distinct from undergraduate education, graduate education provides advance knowledge in the field of study that is characterized by specialized training in the discipline’s theory, research, methodology, and critical analysis.

Since graduate education is concentrated, learning is more self-directed and involves more individualized instruction and ...view middle of the document...


This study aimed to determine the survival rate of students of New Era University during the school years 2008-2009 to 2012-2013.

Specifically, this study intended to answers the following questions:

1. How many new students enrolled during the A.Y. 2008-2009 in the following fields of specialization?

1. Master of Arts in Education

1.1.1 MAEd –Educational Management

1.1.2 MAEd - Filipino

1.1.3 MAEd - Guidance and Counseling

1.1.4 MAEd- Language

1.1.5 MAEd- Mathematics

1.1.6 MAEd- Psychology

1.1.7 MAEd- Social Science

1.1.8 MAEd- Special Education

1.2 Masters of Business Administration

1.3 Doctor of Education

2. How many of these students enrolled in their field of specialization during the following Academic Years?

2.1 2009- 2010

2.2 2010- 2011

2.3 2011-2012

2.4 2012-2013

3. What are the problems encountered by the students?

4. What is the survival rate of New Era University School of Graduate students by field of specialization?


In the conduct of this study, the researchers posed the following assumptions:

1. All information / data obtained are valid and reliable.

2. The number of students enrolled during academic year (AY) 2008-2009 in the different fields of specialization varies.

3. Not all of the students who enrolled in the graduate programs enrolled during the academic years 2009-2010 to 2012-2013.

4. There were varied problems encountered by the students.

5. The Survival Rate of the students at New Era University School of Graduate Studies is low.


The results of the study are deemed significant to the different stakeholders of the programs in the School of Graduate Studies of New Era University.

Administrators may utilize the findings of this study in formulating guidelines and in policy making for the improvement of the school system.

Students may use the findings as inspiration in pursuing their studies in the graduate school and in planning their school activities to finish their course in a short period of time.

Curriculum planners may apply the result of the study in designing the curriculum, selections of programs, development of contents and evaluation of performance.

Future researchers may use the findings as bases and references.

In the process of this study, the researchers found out that more than half of those who enrolled in Doctor of Education (Ed.D) during the school year 2008 – 2009 have made it to graduation. In fact, nine out of fifteen enrollees graduated within the number of...

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